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Honda's Civic Tourer to be unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show, ready to hit UK showrooms in 2014
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10 September 2013

Honda’s new Civic Tourer will go on sale in early 2014 after its public debut at today's Frankfurt motor show.

The new model was developed in Europe specifically for the EU market and has retuned chassis settings and the unusual option of automatic adaptive dampers on the rear axle.

Despite the car’s sporty, low-roofed appearance, Honda says that the Tourer has the best seats-up luggage capacity in its class: an impressive 624 litres with the tonneau cover in place. 

The Honda also has the significant advantage of a completely flat and notably low load floor. That’s thanks to the Civic’s unusual floorpan design, which sites the fuel tank under the front seats, freeing up space beneath the rear seats. The extra room, combined with the compact torsion beam axle, makes the car’s rear floorpan much lower than in rival cars. 

Like the Jazz supermini, the Civic’s ‘magic’ rear seats — which have a 60:40 split — have folding and pivoting squabs, which can be raised with seat backs upright, allowing tall objects to be carried upright in the rear. The squabs can drop into the rear passenger footwell, allowing the backs to fold low and flat.

However, one thing that the Tourer doesn’t share with the Jazz is a fold-forward front passenger seat. The upshot is that its maximum loadbay length is just under 1.8m.

Although the Tourer shares its wheelbase and height with the five-door Civic hatch, Honda has extended the rear floorpan to give the Tourer a 1040mm overhang, 235mm longer than the hatch’s. 

The loading lip has also been dropped on the Tourer by a significant 137mm, something designed to appeal as much to dog owners as load carriers.

Prices are expected to be £800-£1000 higher than the equivalent Civic hatch. So the entry-level Tourer will be a 140bhp 1.8 i-VTEC petrol costing about £19,200. A 118bhp 1.6 i-DTEC diesel is the other engine option. The Tourer is expected to account for one in every four Civic sales. 

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11 August 2013

Hyundai i40 thingy!

11 August 2013

Overdrive wrote:

Hyundai i40 thingy!

In my eyes, the Hyundai i40 is much better resolved than this!  Very ugly car this Civic.  Reminds me of a stretched hippo, especially in greys and bronze colours.

11 August 2013

Best looking version of the current generation Civic yet but they still need to do something with that nose!

Surprised with the amount of room at the rear of the floor pan they didn't do an occasional seven seat version.  It may have compromised load space but it would have added anothing string to Honda's bow.

11 August 2013

It's an improvement on the hatch but not quite as much as of improvment as I was hoping for - the sweeping elegant lines of the early drawings seem to have got a bit lost with some fussy detailing (compare the concept photos to the real thing and you'll see what I mean), and there is no need for hidden door handles on an estate. The best in class luggage capacity must have a lot to do with that raising waist line too. Nonetheless it's definitely a worthwhile addition to the range and will be full of useful features (why don't more manufacturers have those magic rear seats), plus it will be reliable and backed by Honda's excellent dealers. Would be on my shopping list.

11 August 2013

There appears to be a growing trend amongst the Japanese to fit a prominent central rev counter to family cars (see also new Mazda 3). These are not track day specials, Porsche can fit a central rev counter, but it just feels a bit inappropriate for a family car.

Secondly, unless it is a poor photo, there is a door trim line that sweeps over into the dash, unfortunately it doesn't line up properly and looks low rent. Couple this with the horrible mess they appear to have made of the new Jazz and I have to wonder about Honda's direction at the moment.

12 August 2013

Having the rev counter in the middle doesn't mean you have to drive a race car...Of all the non-related comments this is by far the worse. My latest cars, (mazda3 and seat leon mk II) both have the rev counter in the middle. Do I use it to downshift precisely on track days? NO. But it is a nice touch and I use it to check on revs so as to drive withing the engines efficient powerband. If you check on the latest mazda 3 it also has the speedometer digitally included on the central rev counter, plus an HUD. Now that is even more clever, so you don't have to check on two dials. Honda just wanted to fill the space for the dash levels, I like it. Again, to criticize on this detail is childish to say the least. 


As far as trim fit and finish goes, you can find another brand to rant on, honda is not one of them (and I don't even drive, one I just appreciate them). About your comment for the door line that is not alligned correctly with the dash line, it is indeed either a faulty rendering or something pre production. You can check on google for true hatchback interior photos that are the same with the upcoming station interior. They are alligned just fine. Nothing "low rent". I wonder what car you drive though. You didn't check it though but found the time to post here and try to bash the interior quality.




As far as honda's styling, people are not happy with everything these days. Everybody finds some cars either boring (toyota, VW, audi) or too "futuristic" to take seriously (civic, maybe focus, megane mk II) or downright middle of the road bland (new leon, citroen c4, peugheots you name it).


At least honda is trying to give something different, they are succesfull on the sales department so as to be considered positive for the earnings of the company (the civic) or else you wouldn't see another version of the futuristic design language. Sure some details could be better, to bring it on a personal level, I'd love to see the concepts mask with the badge instead of this one but in the end these are subjective details...Bottom line, they deliver a quality car, reliable and interesting to say the least (you can count that those who'll buy it and pay the premium price will love the shape) without sacrificing space.

11 August 2013

Compared to the hatch its a big improvement. But that isnt saying much, the rear of the hatch is nasty. Will86 is right about the rear door handles, it just looks wrong to my eyes without obvious door handles. And why didnt they sort out the front at the same time. I havent heard any positive comments about that end either  And this thing effectively replaces the rather attractive Accord Estate! How bizarre

Perhaps Honda reputation will be enough to secure it some sales. 

And why only the lower powered diesel? Once full i am sure this thing would benefit from the 2.2 instead of the 1.6, however economical it might be.

The poor Swindon workforce must be wondering why Honda are being so reckless with with their job security.

11 August 2013


The article does state that the diesel version of the base model is the 1.6 engine but if you care to look at Honda's website of the current hatch version the 2.2 is available in higher spec Civics and I suspect that will also be the case for the new tourer version.

Although the 1.6 diesel "only" produces 118 hp that is more than VW or Ford, 103 to 109hp,  offer and the torque is also far higher than VW or Ford produces in 1.6 litre diesel engines.

11 August 2013

People, debating style of a car in a nonsense debate. I personaly like the look of it, but some of you don't... Oh well, what can we do? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? It's like trying to decide who came first: the chicken or the egg. It gets us nowhere...

As for the engines: this will ONLY have the 1.6 Diesel and the 1.8 petrol. I understand that it seems bad for markets like the British in which the capacity of an engine is not very penalized, but for most of the European countries the capacity of an engine is terribly upsetting for the final price. That's why the so loved Honda's and Mazda's 2.2 engines doesn't sell a crap in most Europe... Now, do you understand? Let' put it this way: in Portugal a CR-V 1.6 Diesel will cost somehat 13 000 euros (!!!) less than the 2.2 Diesel. And in countries in serious troubles what do you think they'll buy?? The less powerful but less expensive thing or the most powerful and expensive? However, perhaps the 2.2 Diesel could have its place in markets like UK's and others.

As for the direction Honda is taking in the moment, as someone asks, it is a direction that tries to survive to an European crisis that was never seen before. The Jazz will still be changed in terms of interior quality until it reaches Euro markets so don't get so fussed already... And then, if you don't like their cars, you can always buy other brands' cars... 

Cheers people!

11 August 2013

PedJun wrote:

People, debating style of a car in a nonsense debate. I personaly like the look of it, but some of you don't... Oh well, what can we do? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn't it? It's like trying to decide who came first: the chicken or the egg. It gets us nowhere...

I agree to some extent regarding the subjectivity of aesthetic judgement, however, this is a forum and so surely an appropriate arena for people to debate the look of a new car? 



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