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New spy shots of the facelifted BMW 5-series saloon and Touring show the car cold weather testing

These are the latest images of the BMW 5 Series facelift, which has been spotted cold weather testing in the Arctic circle. A production version is likely to make its public debut at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

While development of the new car still has the good part of a year to run, changes being made to the 5 Series appear less significant than those adopted by the new E-Class. 

Externally, the bumpers are more heavily structured and the lamp graphics revised, but on the evidence of the prototypes caught  testing, the existing bodywork is largely untouched. Revisions to both bodystyles are limited to a new grille, lights and front and rear bumpers.

Inside, BMW plans to provide the 5 Series with the latest version of its iDrive multimedia system and a configurable instrument display already recently introduced on the facelifted 7 Series. 

On the engine front, the twin-scroll turbocharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder petrol engine in the 535i is set to gain an added 14bhp, lifting its reserves to 316bhp in the new 540i model. 

The twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine in the 550i is also expected to get added firepower. Munich insiders have already confirmed a 43bhp increase to 444bhp.


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Gandalf The Grey 2 February 2013

Bungle Cars - the worst designs in BMW history.

When his first awful design came on the scene - it was roundly derided.  The slab bottomed 7 series was followed by a bloated oddity in the 6 series, then the odd looking 5 series - like two different cars bolted together from a leering slanty eyed front to a fussy rear (although this was its best bit).  Then along came the crumpled looking 3 series - never an attractive car, and finally to top off a disastrous stint, he left us with the ugliest of them all - the stunted 1 series. 

I am SO glad he left. 

The 5 has now become elegant again, the 1 series got a bit of a make over and a much better looking coupe, the 3 is much improved, the Z4 is lovely .. BMWs are looking far more attractive these days!  I'm surprised to see some positive comments about the ungainly looking Bungle 5 series to be honest.  It was at best 'controversial' when it was launched and it has divided opinion ever since. 

Beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder!  I think the current Bungle free 5 series is back to being one of BMWs best - elegant, handsome, well proportioned - a far far better looking car than the odd ball Bungle 5 series. 

I've had many BMWs - x2 E36s, x2 E46s, I had 1 E92 (which was OK after I changed the rear lights to the blackline series), and I've just picked up a new 1 series coupe.  Still a bit 'Bungle' - but dynamically its great, and in the right colour and wheel combination, the Bungle effect has been toned down.

Paulius 8 December 2012


Hmm, I've just ordered an Alpina D5 to be delivered on the beginning of April. Does anyone know Alpina's policy on facelifts? I mean, will there be post-facelift Alpina D5s?

Anyhoo 8 December 2012

Yes, Alpina facelifts its

Yes, Alpina facelifts its cars in line with BMW. However, as far as I know BMW arent hoing to update the N57 engine used in the 535d and D5, so the LCI cars are unlikely to be mechanically any different to yours

kamlottis 7 December 2012

the bangle factor

With its complicated ecu and a rather weak diff, the high revving bangle V10 M5, is an icon that will keep tongues wagging for years to come.....and a truly worthy leader of the 5 series stable in its time, with its truly timeless design cue. Was...and remains the most emotive of 5series designs.