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The 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta is the first model to receive Fiat Group's new JTDM diesel engine
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10 September 2013

The facelifted version of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will receive the latest version of the Fiat Group’s JTDM diesel engine as part of a raft of modifications. The 2014 Giulietta has made its first public outing at today’s Frankfurt motor show.

The new 2.0 JTDM uses the second-generation MultiJet injection system to deliver 150bhp and 280lb ft. Alfa Romeo claims the engine delivers best-in-class low-end torque.

The engine features Fiat Group’s third-generation common rail system, which uses a balanced hydraulic servo valve to offer a “quick and flexible” injection sequence. Injection Rate Shaping system involves two consecutive injections timed so closely that they generate a continuous and modulated fuel supply into the cylinders.

Alfa claims quieter operation and reduced particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions. The Italian marque also says the system should offer improved reliability due to a 40 per cent reduction in injector components.

The 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta features a new Uconnect multimedia system, which operates in conjunction with a 5in or 6.5in touchscreen. It combines navigation, audio and telephone integration and supports text-to-speech and audio streaming technology.

Minor visual tweaks include new paint colours and alloy wheel designs. Interior changes include new trim finishes and new sports seats.

The revised model will go on sale in October, with right-hand drive models arriving in January.

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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2 September 2013


2 September 2013

It does look good, and is certainly a better donor recipient for the 8C nose than the Mito. I'm surprised that I don't see more of them on the roads, but I'm even more surprised that the Italians buy more Golfs than Giuliettas.

2 September 2013

I am sorry but model after model does not sell big time,that should tell every one
some thing,Alfa need a total new look.

2 September 2013

this car really needs some proper sport seats.

Surprising they are facelifting this so soon and the pig ugly MiTo survives untouched.

2 September 2013

VERY nice ... And there's nothng intrinsically wrong with the MiTo, apart from its clumsy name ...

2 September 2013
Suzuki QT wrote:

VERY nice ... And there's nothng intrinsically wrong with the MiTo, apart from its clumsy name ...

The Mito does have a number of problems. They have also inherited some of the Grande Punto design flaws, such as pouring water onto the alternator, suspension top mounts and break servo leading to a number of problems. Throw in a brittle ride and interior and elastic steering. I know as I have run both cars. Nice to look at, but not well executed.

2 September 2013

At last! I thought Alfa would never give this great looking car some decent clean engines to keep abreast of the competition.

2 September 2013

Funny how opinions and tastes differ, I think a Mk7 Golf looks a lot smarter/nicer than this. In fact I don't like the way this looks much at all. Each to his/her own I guess.

2 September 2013

So, is the 2.0 JTDm 140 getting a power boost to 150 ? Or has the 2.0 JTDm lost 20bhp ?

3 September 2013

I have a Giulietta and love the bones of it. The range does need looking at to expand its appeal. I have heard that the MultiAir engine (which is in my car) is to get a power increase from 170 to 185HP and that TCT transmission will be available on the QV version.

As for the comment on not seeing a lot on UK roads. Well part of the problem is that Alfa Romeo UK don't push their cars anywhere near as much as they should and it also says a lot about the UK car buying population that they are too afraid to get out of their Teutonic blandmobiles and try something different!


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