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Leaked patent drawings show firm's new design for driver and passenger access

Ferrari is working on a new kind of door aimed at improving passenger and driver access to its vehicles.

The firm has filed a patent application for a door that includes part of the front wing and hinges upward, so that when it’s opened the occupant can place their foot directly behind the front wheel.

See the Ferrari patent drawings

According to the application, this makes it easier to get in and out of a low-slung sports car.

The design is suitable for front, mid or rear-engined cars, although it is particularly suitable for mid-engined cars, and the application claims the system would be “easy and cost-effective to make” when compared to gullwing doors.

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Evo_ermine 21 November 2009

Re: Ferrari's radical new door opening

What an eloquent reply...

Uncle Mellow 20 November 2009

Re: Ferrari's radical new door opening

Unless the car has a backbone-chassis and unstressed body , this kind of door opening will seriously weaken the structure.

val. 20 November 2009

Re: Ferrari's radical new door opening

Symanski wrote:

CarDesign wrote:
Does it look like an Aston Martin DB7 with a current Jag XK air intake or is it only me?

Nope, but a slight tweak to the front bumper and it would be identical to the DB7 with the straight six supercharged engine.

The new Ferrari is the Aston Martin! What a compliment to Aston....

Oh! I was going to comment, but I've been beaten to it yet again!