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Schumacher apologises to Barrichello for his driving in the Hungarian GP

Michael Schumacher has apologised to Rubens Barrichello for almost driving him into the pit wall during the Hungarian grand prix on Sunday.

After the race, Barrichello was critical of Schumacher’s driving, but the Mercedes driver said he didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong.

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Having now reviewed the incident, however, the seven-time world champion has now said he agrees with the stewards’ decision and apologised to Barrichello for the incident.

Schumacher wrote on his website: “Yesterday, right after the race I was still in the heat of the action, but after I watched the incident with Rubens again, I must say that the stewards were right with their assessment: the move against him was too hard.

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“I wanted to make it hard for him to pass me. I clearly showed him that I didn’t want to let him pass but... I wasn’t seeking to endanger him with my move. If he feels I was then I’m sorry, this wasn't my intention.”

The German driver has been given a ten-place grid penalty for the Belgian GP in a month’s time.

The move came on lap 66 of the race when Barrichello, having just stopped for fresh tyres on his Williams, tried to overtake Schumacher on the main straight.

Barrichello moved to the right and pulled alongside Schumacher who continued to move across the track. Barrichello was able to get past but only by driving across the pitlane exit and drain having only just missed the end of the pit wall.

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david RS 3 August 2010

Re: Schuey: 'I'm sorry, Rubens'

Lanciaman wrote:

Peter Cavellini wrote:
"Legend" crown is starting to slip

No it isn`t,; he never had one. I will grant that he was a brilliant driver, but like Senna, he was never a sportsman.

I agree with you. It's a pity for them.

Allanp 3 August 2010

Re: Schuey: 'I'm sorry, Rubens'

i had a sky plus disaster on sunday and missed the race

having just watch the incident on youtube i really am struggling to see what the fuss is about

Michael moved only once in the manouver and only moved to the white line at no point did he drive of the road and as far as i can see rubens could have indeed pulled out of his overtake at any point

whilst i agree it could have ended very badly i can see why Michael is being blamed when he only moved over to the edge of the track his manover back to the racing line was far more pronounced

itsno different from what has happened to the redbulls and the mclarens earlier in the year except it was next to the wall and in my book it was rubens call to keep his foot in and not wait to the next lap and do the switch which Michael couldnt have deffended

PRODIGY 3 August 2010

Re: Schuey: 'I'm sorry, Rubens'

Peter Cavellini wrote:

So, Prodigy, you'd like too see the odd fatility,car going up in flames, just to make it more interesting, to sit on the edge of your seat with your Fosters, hoping some over payed delivery boy to take a big risk, thinking that if we crash the safety cell will save me?, how nieve, i agree F1 a few years ago was processional, but, it's a bit better now, how to make it more edge of he seat? i don't know, but bringing in Dinosaurs from the past isn't going to do it, i here that Jacque Villeneuve is thinking about racing next year(he's 39, by the way), what's e going to do if the iceman can't cut it?

I wouldn't like to see any harm come to anyone, my point is that what Shoemaker did made things interesting - even though what he did was very foolish. How many threads and blogs are there already? Loads. And that's just on this 1 website/forum - I can't even imagine to guess how many articles and blogs there are about it on the whole t'interweb. Perhaps if Schu had have wiped out Rubens in a fatal accident, then I wouldn't be saying what I did. You do have a good point.

I also agree that F1 has been getting better of late, but my interest had been starting to wane until this.