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Mercedes driver doesn't want to talk about Monaco race in 2006

Michael Schumacher has downplayed the controversy of his last visit to Monaco as an F1 driver - when he was deemed to have deliberately parked his car on the racing line in qualifying in order to prevent his title rival Fernando Alonso from beating him to pole position.

Ahead of this weekend's race, the Mercedes driver was asked: "They say that sorry is the hardest word. Is there any reason you are not able to say sorry for four years ago?"

Schumacher responded: "I think you can keep trying, absolutely, but as I said before I am not in 2006 any more."

Asked if he regretted the manoeuvre, Schumacher said: "It doesn't change things if we go back into it."

The German did admit the incident was a low point in his career - but blamed the media for that fact.

"You made it (a low point), yes," said Schumacher. "You journalists. Some of you guys ... let's look forward and not backwards."

Then asked if he would be willing to try a similar move in 2010, he told a reporter: "You're boring."

Rivals Alonso and Lewis Hamilton also downplayed the incident.

"There's nothing really to think about. It's a small incident. That's all," said Alonso.

Hamilton added: "That was a long time ago. I wasn't involved then. I think we need to look forward."

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Peter Cavellini 7 February 2011

Re: Schuey ducks Monaco controversy

I'm with Schuey on this won!, people who live in the past stay in the past!, journos should realize by now that muck raking, because that's what it is, isn't cutting up to the minute important news!, and most people know this and avoid there stories!, if you can't write an unbiased piece about someone, then you should write about something else, like Trees, or clouds, they can't answer back, can they?!.

Amanitin 6 February 2011

Re: Schuey ducks Monaco controversy

The journalist was probably expecting a dramatic coming out.

- Look, the F1 is multibillion euro business and people readily cheat whenever or wherever possible when a lot less is at stake. I am here for the money. Like anybody else, yourself included.

Thank you.

schumigirl1956 6 February 2011

Re: Schuey ducks Monaco controversy

Michael is a honest driver, of course he has to be a bit rough on the tracks as the other drivers will think he is easy. he says sorry just why can't the media and other sources leave him alone, he knows what best for himself, i agree for what he said years ago that everyone is jealous because he got to stardom to quick and he is more talented, I love his driving skills and himself, i have supported/followed him since 1991 and i have no complaints about him, of course he has faults but i have not seen any yet.