Mercedes driver doesn't want to talk about Monaco race in 2006
14 May 2010

Michael Schumacher has downplayed the controversy of his last visit to Monaco as an F1 driver - when he was deemed to have deliberately parked his car on the racing line in qualifying in order to prevent his title rival Fernando Alonso from beating him to pole position.

Ahead of this weekend's race, the Mercedes driver was asked: "They say that sorry is the hardest word. Is there any reason you are not able to say sorry for four years ago?"

Schumacher responded: "I think you can keep trying, absolutely, but as I said before I am not in 2006 any more."

Asked if he regretted the manoeuvre, Schumacher said: "It doesn't change things if we go back into it."

The German did admit the incident was a low point in his career - but blamed the media for that fact.

"You made it (a low point), yes," said Schumacher. "You journalists. Some of you guys ... let's look forward and not backwards."

Then asked if he would be willing to try a similar move in 2010, he told a reporter: "You're boring."

Rivals Alonso and Lewis Hamilton also downplayed the incident.

"There's nothing really to think about. It's a small incident. That's all," said Alonso.

Hamilton added: "That was a long time ago. I wasn't involved then. I think we need to look forward."

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14 May 2010

[quote Autocar]Hamilton added: "That was a long time ago.... I think we need to look forward."[/quote]

14 May 2010

Unprofessional, gutter journalism yet again... It's been 4 years and still all that some reporter(s) can do is whine like a little b!tch in the hope of baiting a "sensational" response. Maybe Schuey should have given them some sensationalism by kicking the tw*t in the twins and refusing to even say sorry for that!

14 May 2010

Utter garbage once again from what used to be a respected publisher. Autocar is now officially automotive version of The Sun. The gap between the journalism at somewhere like Autosport and Autocar is as big as the gap between Alan Henry's ears. Steve Sutcliffe and Jamie Corstorphine should jump ship over to Evo with Monkey Harris and leave this sinking wreck to Captain Henry, he can replace them with Moss and Stewart.

14 May 2010

I think Schu would have been better placed if he'd just said, "Yes, it was stupid, and it's what win-at-any-cost people like me did back then. But I've grown up and that's a different man."

If you don't confront your past and own up to it, you don't move on. I know it sounds like an Americanism, but it is true.

14 May 2010

What next from the 2006 archives, Autocar? "Audi wins Le Mans with TDI engine"? Oh wait, that will probably happen this year too...

14 May 2010

Lest we forget.

14 May 2010

"You journalists ..... let's look forward and not backwards." Schumacher

That statement has to be the racing driver equivalent of the politician's, "I have done wrong, but let's move on now." It can be applied to almost anything to evade sanction, a different moral code from the herd that excuses wrong-doing: "Yes, I stole that car, let's move on now." "Yes, I murdered my wife, but let's move on now." And so on, and so forth. Very amusing.

14 May 2010

[quote Los Angeles]It can be applied to almost anything to evade sanction[/quote]

Right, but he did not evade sanction. He was sent to the back of the grid. Schumacher is right when he says the journalist is boring. Is the same "Are you sorry?" question to be asked each year, ad infinitum?

14 May 2010

Regarding the "you're boring" comment and to be fair to all, Schuey winked at Crofty when he said it and going from his F1 Practice commentary yesterday, Crofty hasn't taken it badly at all - despite what the tabloids would have you believe.

14 May 2010

[quote IainStirling]Right, but he did not evade sanction.[/quote]

Understood, but it doesn't erase an inclination to cheat. Which is the reason for the repetition of question, I'd think.


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