MotoGP rider wants to race for Ferrari in F1 - if it is allowed to have three cars on the grid
7 June 2010

Valentino Rossi has stated his desire to race for Ferrari’s Formula One team in the future – providing the team’s plan to be allowed to run a third car come to fruition.

The MotoGP star has tested for the team on several occasions, most recently over the winter, and has always impressed Ferrari’s top brass with his pace, in particular president Luca di Montezemolo.

Rossi recently ruled out an F1 switch to be one of Ferrari’s lead two drivers, but the Italian is keen to race in the third Ferrari should one ever appear on the grid.

“I would like to explore the possibility of a third car for myself," the Yamaha rider told Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy.

He also said Ferrari should replace Felipe Massa with Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel to have a “strong team”.

“To have a strong team like Yamaha's, Ferrari should hire Sebastian Vettel alongside Alonso," he said.

Rossi is expected to be on crutches for at least six weeks in the wake of his leg-breaking crash in practice for the Italian Grand Prix last weekend.

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7 June 2010

This has appeared since Rossi's accident, but I suspect it was written before as it doesn't mention it. Was this a scheduled midnight release that just happened to coincide? Or is it in response to the accident?

7 June 2010

Hardly breaking news. This rumour has been floating around for a long time. Maybe Rossi is getting fed-up of falling off eh?

7 June 2010

Not this saga again,

  • Firstly Ferrari is only interested in the PR generated when this guy tests their car, especially back home in Italy. It is obvious that there are plenty of drivers out there who would get the nod before Ferrari having to settle for an inexperienced motorcyclist.
  • No there wont be a third car, half the teams cant afford one and are struggling to make two of them competitive let alone three.
  • If Ferrari want to win the championship they need a better car, so stop blaming Massa, had it not been for the Toyota he would have won it a year before. Also I know that Alonso is an 'amazing' driver but so far he looks more like a spoilt brat to me.

7 June 2010

I get the impression that Ferrari wanting to run a third car is to make their sponsorship money go further. In the grand scheme of things, running the car is a small cost if you've already paid for the design, etc. But the value of having the Marlboro (no really it's Ferrari's - and Ducati's, honest) barcode logos on the TV far exceeds the extra. Especially if you lock out the podium week after week.

The other story Ferrari is putting about is that they are willing to 'help' Rossi get back to speed by letting him test an F1 car. Seems to me they're setting out to get publicity from Rossi's misfortune.

Ferrari already run a one-make series for the F430, maybe they should stick to that....

7 June 2010

[quote shortbread] so stop blaming Massa, had it not been for the Toyota he would have won it a year before.[/quote] . What Toyota .What year are u on about do u mean the Brawn last year with the spring coming off and hitting him .

7 June 2010

If Mr Rossi enters F1, how long will it be before Rick Parfitt joins him?

It's the thin edge of the wedge.

The next step would surely be JK and Simon Cowell driving for McLaren.

Val Doonican in a Virgin?

7 June 2010

Might be a good wild card instead of having that dead from the neck up Kimi, if Kimi put as much effort into his driving as his nocturnal habits he'd be unbeatable, but as we all know he only trys if he thinks he can win otherwise he sits where ever he feels like, yeah, i hope Rossi gets a chance, he really gives 100%, unlike some.

Peter Cavellini.

7 June 2010

[quote SpiritOfSenna]Val Doonican in a Virgin?[/quote]

Some may be suprised to know that Val Doonican is still very much with us. Still, if he were to get into a virgin, it would probably kill him...though he should probably get a posthumous Knighthood for trying.

Like Valentino Rossi, I'm keen on a Ferrari F1 drive, and both of my legs are facing in the correct direction, so by my reckoning my keeness and anatomical correctness put me ahead of him in the queue.

8 June 2010

[quote The Colonel]Like Valentino Rossi, I'm keen on a Ferrari F1 drive, and both of my legs are facing in the correct direction, so by my reckoning my keeness and anatomical correctness put me ahead of him in the queue.[/quote]

And surely a Colonel outranks a Professor, does he not?

After all, you can have some squaddies take him out and shoot him, whereas he could only throw books at you.

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