F1 team given permission by the FIA to try to solve its reliability problems
6 May 2010

Ferrari has been given approval by the FIA to modify its engine design in time for the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.

The team applied to the FIA for special permission to make the modifications following reliability problems during the first few races of the season.

Fernando Alonso has suffered from two engine failures that have left his championship hopes faltering and his engine supply depleted.

Ferrari began investigating the causes of its engine issues after the Chinese Grand Prix; it found that there was an intrinsic problem with the engine’s design, thought to be related to air consumption and leaking pneumatic valves.

A statement by Ferrari said that it intends “to make some changes within the framework of the current engine regulations” that will be fitted to the engines to be used in Spain.

Ferrari’s version of the innovative F-Duct airflow system will also be fitted to both drivers' cars in time for the first practice session this weekend, although the results of Friday’s sessions will decide whether or not the system remains on the cars for qualifying and the race.

Sarah Laughton

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6 May 2010

Is the engine design not the same this season as last season?

I don't remember Ferrari have reliability issues last season.

6 May 2010

I'm sure the new parts will improve reliability, the fact they'll give some extra power too, is purely coincidental. Honest, no, ask Luca, he'll tell you... In fact it would be ridiculous to suggest such a thing, it's purely in the minds of the journalists. It would be as unlikely as using subliminal Marlboro logo's long after the tobacco advertising ban. And they'd never do that...

6 May 2010

McLaren request design change to engine...Jean Todt says no.

New FIA...same Ferrari bias.

6 May 2010

Exactly, engine freeze my arse. Ferrari can only win when they rig everything. Rubbish.

6 May 2010

Maybe Alonso just needs to learn how to drive and look after his engines? Just a thought. Of course, if he did run out of engines, I don't think it could have happened to a nicer guy..

6 May 2010

It is really shameful or my judgment is bad?
I understand nothing more in F1.
I believed that Mr Mosley took care of his culture of potatoes henceforth.

6 May 2010

- rolls eyes - As usual, people without the full story start ranting against Ferrari... Did any of you complain when Renault was allowed to make performance and reliability changes to its engines? Yes, Ferrari had the same problem with its engines last year. The problem is to do with air leakages from the pneumatic valve systems [apparently], and they would simply top up the pneumatic system during the pitstops. However, this year there are fewer stops and they are much shorter, which means they can't do that. All teams are entitled to ask the FIA to make changes to their engines for reliability purposes. As far as I know, Mercedes have not asked to make any changes to their engines. Renault did, to a far greater degree than Ferrari have, and now Ferrari have been granted permission as well. The FIA has detailed access to exactly what is proposed to be changed, and as far as I know, the other teams are allowed to veto it if they disagree.

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