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Mosley believes Ferrari should be heavily punished for German GP actions

Former FIA president Max Mosley believes that Ferrari should be heavily punished for imposing team orders at the German Grand Prix.

Mosley believes that the Italian team should lose points for its actions and that F1’s ban on team orders should remain.

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Ferrari will face FIA's World Motor Sport Council next month over the debacle and may be penalised more than the initial $100,000 fine issued by the German GP stewards.

Mosley, speaking to German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag, said, “Both cars and both drivers should lose the points they achieved in the German Grand Prix.

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“I will not make any recommendation, but on the facts at the moment there should have been some sporting sanction and not only a fine.”

He added that retaining the ban on team orders was necessary for the sake of fans.

“Most teams are in favour of the ban being lifted,” said Mosley. “But if one wants to fulfil the needs of the audience, then one must maintain the ban. In the event that it is brought into play by a team, we have to impose a severe punishment.”See all the latest F1 reviews, news and video

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Will86 29 August 2010

Re: 'Ferrari must be punished'

beachland2 wrote:
Will86 wrote:
it wasn't the teams hard work
You took my quote slightly out of context, I was trying (and perhaps could have phrased it better) to say that if Alonso wins the championship it won't just be because of a combination of driver skill, the work of the team and luck, it will also be in part down to Massa giving way and that's nothing to do with any of the those. Of course the team played a huge part in getting Massa and Alonso into first and second and unfortunately to a large extent the teams' efforts have been overshadowed by the decision of a few at the top of Ferrari. As for removing the incentive to switch drivers, I had thought winning fair and square would be sufficient, clearly I was wrong.

REALZEUS 29 August 2010

Re: 'Ferrari must be punished'

F1 is a team sport. This stupid rule must be abolished.

beachland2 29 August 2010

Re: 'Ferrari must be punished'

Will86 wrote:
it wasn't the teams hard work

but it was, it was the teams hard work to get massa in such a good position that he could let alonso past to get more points. that was good team work.massa had to work for it, ferrari had to work for it, and alonso had to work for it to get near enough to massa to make it work.

lots of hard work. but wether its fair on individuals as in the interes of the majorirty of f1 fans is another matter.

for me i dont like it, i wish there was no incentive to switch drivers. what could be done to remove the incentive?