Mosley believes Ferrari should be heavily punished for German GP actions
27 August 2010

Former FIA president Max Mosley believes that Ferrari should be heavily punished for imposing team orders at the German Grand Prix.

Mosley believes that the Italian team should lose points for its actions and that F1’s ban on team orders should remain.

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Ferrari will face FIA's World Motor Sport Council next month over the debacle and may be penalised more than the initial $100,000 fine issued by the German GP stewards.

Mosley, speaking to German newspaper Welt Am Sonntag, said, “Both cars and both drivers should lose the points they achieved in the German Grand Prix.

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“I will not make any recommendation, but on the facts at the moment there should have been some sporting sanction and not only a fine.”

He added that retaining the ban on team orders was necessary for the sake of fans.

“Most teams are in favour of the ban being lifted,” said Mosley. “But if one wants to fulfil the needs of the audience, then one must maintain the ban. In the event that it is brought into play by a team, we have to impose a severe punishment.”See all the latest F1 reviews, news and video

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24 August 2010

Max Mosley talks sense! Whatever next?

24 August 2010

It must mean the end of the world is nigh. Bloody nigh


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

24 August 2010

Can't help but wonder what kind of punishment he really has in mind . . .

Stefano Domenicali stretched over a bed and held down by four dwarves whilst Mr Whippy (dressed in high heels, stockings & suspenders, a string vest, and a sailor's hat) thrashes his backside?

24 August 2010

What a crock.

Don't remember him ever saying that when he was charge of the FIA.

24 August 2010

I thought there was some kind of embargo now about pieces containing the words 'Max', 'Mosley' and 'punishment'

24 August 2010

So now two crazy old relics from F1's past think Ferrari should be punished. I see that even in a 'retired' state Max can't help sticking in his political oar and stirring it up. What a shame. I'm sure most of us hoped he'd disappear into the sunset with his bus pass and keep his thoughts to himself.

24 August 2010

"Ferrari must be punished ! and i,ll do the whipping for a change"

24 August 2010

I agree team orders are laughable, but i think most teams would use this tactic, only last Sunday i was watching the BTTC and there was a question over team orders there too, i got the impression that it wasn't such a big deal.What is going to be a big deal is that Ferrari is going to be the first to suffer, not that this should make any difference,but what size of fine their going to dish out?,£100,000?,£1,000,000,£10,000,000?,afterall this is only blokes getting together to see whose cars are better and whose the best driver?!, it's not as if it makes a difference to the World markets is it?, no,and i know this is an obvious swipe at the organisers(well, alright!, his Berni-ness), but this is the only people who care about the outcome, because it affects their income.Want rid of team orders?,simple then, have one driver per team, cuts costs,wages and all other financial constraints!?.

Peter Cavellini.

24 August 2010

They broke the rules fairly clearly and should be punished, but my own feeling is just to swop Massa and Alonso's points around and maintain the $100k fine. More than this would just be vindictive and out of proportion to the crime. You can't have blatant transgressions of the rules in my opinion, or it'll just end up back in the FIA court over and over, and no-one will know who won what until January the following year.

It's virtually impossible to police this rule anyway, but I'd say it should at least be removed when one driver from a team has no mathematical chance to beat the other driver in the team.

I can't add anything else to the innuendo about Mosely and punishment.... It's been expertly done here already.

24 August 2010

[quote Pauldalg]They broke the rules fairly clearly and should be punished, but my own feeling is just to swop Massa and Alonso's points around and maintain the $100k fine.[/quote]

But that doesn't follow the principle applied in other circumstances, most recently when Schumaker passed Alonso after the safety car line on the last lap at Monaco - his penalty effectively moved him back several places (and out of the points if I remember) rather than just back behind Alonso.


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