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Team bosses say F1 needs to spice up the action as soon as possible

Formula One team bosses have called for immediate rule changes to liven up the sport, after a lacklustre first race at Bahrain.

Nick Fry, CEO of Mercedes GP, said teams should make it a priority to improve the spectacle.

Alonso wins in Bahrain - pics

“Formula One risks being damaged if it does not respond to the criticism it has faced for the lack of action in the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix," he said.

When further questioned as to whether the season-opener was bad for F1, Fry replied: "I think it would be bad if we didn't react.”

Fry is not alone in his views of the season opener, with McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh calling for new tyre rules to be introduced, forcing teams to stop at least twice in a race.

"I don't think it was a massive spectacle but I do think it is capable of swinging from one event to another," he said.

However, not everyone wants change. Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner said: "We've only had one snapshot today, so perhaps we should review it after the first three or four races.”

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali also suggested it was unfair to judge the season after one race.

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Uncle Mellow 16 March 2010

Re: F1 bosses: 'Bahrain was boring'

Everyone knows that the basic problem is Too Much Wing , and the wings this year are more complicated than ever , even if the back wings have been trimmed a little. Since the wing regs cannot be altered mis-season , without a lot of sh*t hitting a big fan , we could be in for some boring processions.

Challenger440 16 March 2010

Re: F1 bosses: 'Bahrain was boring'

Wow! F1 Bosses actually had to watch the race to come up with this conclusion!?

F1: It was boring last year, it's boring this year and unless you fundementally change the rules / nature of the fame, it will be boring next year.

To borrow a phrase from another thread, "ye cannae polish a t*rd" The format has run it's course - it's been optimised to the point of sterlisation and is no longer of any interest to the majority of the public at large - you here more and more people saying exactly what the F1 Bosses have said.

You want interesting - allocate each time an amout of energy to complete the race, remove all the rules and stand back- it'll be like The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix...

drivenfromthere... 16 March 2010

Re: F1 bosses: 'Bahrain was boring'

shomann wrote:

The cure for boring F1 races? I don't think there is one. It's been like that for years.

But, you can purchase Sky TV and watch IndyCar instead. Or, watch practice, qualifying and the race streaming live on IndyCar's website for free. A much more interesting alternative.


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