McLaren one-two as on-off rain mixes up the order
19 April 2010

Jenson Button has won a dramatic Chinese Grand Prix after on-off rain mixed up the order and left the result in doubt until late in the race.

Button was followed across the line by team-mate Lewis Hamilton, after the Briton endured a topsy-turvey race as he battled through the field, often as the fastest man on track. Among the highlights of his charge was a battle with Michael Schumacher.

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Nico Rosberg was third, having led much of the race early on. He didn't have the pace of the McLarens, though, but had no trouble keeping Fernando Alonso at bay for third – the Spaniard getting in reach of the podium despite five pitstops, including a drive-through for jumping the start.

Chinese Grand Prix results

1. Button McLaren-Mercedes 1h44:42.1632. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes +1.5303. Rosberg Mercedes +9.4844. Alonso Ferrari +11.8695. Kubica Renault +22.2136. Vettel Red Bull-Renault +33.3107. Petrov Renault +47.6008. Webber Red Bull-Renault +52.1729. Massa Ferrari +57.79610. Schumacher Mercedes +1:01.74911. Sutil Force India-Mercedes +1:02.87412. Barrichello Williams-Cosworth +1:03.66513. Alguersuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari +1:11.41614. Kovalainen Lotus-Cosworth +1 lap15. Hulkenberg Williams-Cosworth +1 lap16. Senna HRT-Cosworth +2 laps17. Chandhok HRT-Cosworth +4 laps

Not classified/retirements:Trulli Lotus-Cosworth Di Grassi Virgin-CosworthDe la Rosa Sauber-FerrariBuemi Toro Rosso-FerrariKobayashi Sauber-FerrariLiuzzi Force India-MercedesGlock Virgin-Cosworth

Drivers championship: 1. Button 602. Rosberg 503. Alonso 494. Hamilton 495. Vettel 456. Massa 417. Kubica 408. Webber 289. Sutil 10 10. Schumacher 10 11. Liuzzi 8 12. Petrov 6 13. Barrichello 5 14. Alguersuari 2 15. Hulkenberg 1

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Constructors:1. McLaren-Mercedes 1092. Ferrari 903. Red Bull-Renault 734. Mercedes 605. Renault 466. Force India-Mercedes 187. Williams-Cosworth 68. Toro Rosso-Ferrari 2

All timing unofficial

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18 April 2010

Int. race, but i think, that the best news of a day is kimi´s reachApeak in WRC by finishing a rally.:-)

18 April 2010

A well judged steady race by Jens, with Lewis spilling testosterone all over the track. All round entertainment value = 8/10.

18 April 2010

It was a very enjoyable race, thats coming from a Ferrari fan, another miserable weekend for us, we can count ourselves lucky that Fernado got up to fourth hpefully this will improve when F1 touches down in Europe.

Again Jenson showing he has the cooler head between the two Maclaren drivers

18 April 2010

Another brilliant race, just watching these guys drive this type of car on a wet track, with ruined tyres was a real pleasure. A great win for Jenson, excellent drive that showed a lot of skill and maturity, also goes another step to shutting up a few doubters out there. Lewis was entertaining again, giving us what the fans have been after for a while, and not curtailed by the stewards, so that was nice.

Michael Whomacher? Oh dear... you are running out of time now...

Red Bull must be frustrated with that, but such is life. One of the interesting things was the little incident with Alonso passing Massa into the pit lane. Perhaps an interesting change of dynamic inside Ferrari to look out for, for the sake of the Tifosi, lets hope its not too destructive.

18 April 2010

Button had a similar solid performance to that of Melbourne, except this time he deserves a sanction for his illegal driving as the de facto pace-car on restart after the Yellow Flag period.

Although the reaction to the weaving issue of Sepang has been largely wrong, and Hamilton was entitled to break the tow, he should be penalised for his driving in China. At times it showed abysmal judgement and was dangerous.

At one point, on his first visit to the pits, he turned against the direction of the track to join the pit-entry lane. A cold case of illegal driving.

He later overtook and baulked Vettel by going beyond the boundary of the pit-entry lane, and, on being released from his pit box too early, he deliberately collided with Vettel where he should have backed off.

Vettel deserves no penalty whatsoever.

Alonso seems to be under investigation for a misdemeanour very similar, though less severe, than Hamilton's. This discrepancy should be corrected by Barcelona's Grand Prix.

Rosberg did a very positive and skilled job all weekend in finding the right settings for the track. I believe Schumacher has had to compromise the rear wing in order to loosen the rear-end and artificially bring the car's characteristics towards his driving style. That only caused slower overall pace on a track like China, although his speed-trap times will have been better than Rosberg's.

He's struggling with something fundamental in the car, and if Norberg Haug is right and it's an undiscovered fault, so much the better. If it's a development issue, who knows if it can be overcome in time to start winning races and chase for the Championship?

Although unheralded, at the moment, Rosberg looks like a very strong title contender.

I was deeply saddened by the reaction to today's race from both Schumacher and Haug, because they clearly feel deflated, but although Michael's desertion of the cause will be prayed for by some, I sense those committed detractors may not get what they want.

The worst case scenario (or best, depending on your level of appreciation) is that Michael himself cannot fully exploit the speed that lives in the package. I doubt that has been the complete story, even in Bahrain, but if he cannot match Rosberg's pace, Schumacher's love of development, and the fact that he will be making the Mercedes faster than it would otherwise be, means that I am quite confident he'll ride-out this temporary valley.

If you add the publicity that he brings to his doubtless development genius, Mercedes will see huge advantages to Schumacher remaining within the team for as long as possible.

I doubt The Great Man will submit to a tiny and partial clamour of resentment and leave the sport based on one genuinely sub-standard performance. He's had them before, and he's simply enjoying the sport too much to be distracted from securing both the team's and his personal progress.

His driving today was at times incredible in showing racecraft that clearly remains in rich reserve. Hamilton drove and raced beautifully as they went tyre-to-tyre, and the respect he paid was as much a testament to the skill against which he was competing as it was to Michael's status.

For various reasons, today's performances at Red Bull subtly demonstrated again that if Vettel fails to take the Championship this year, he can fairly blame technical and engineering flaws. Just as one example, the struggle the pit crew had with tyre changes in comparison to other teams hints at possible problems with tolerances and packaging. Newey's radical design solutions clearly give the car a large pace advantage, but, combined with a slight lack of team discipline, they appear to be creating some niggling issues.

Lastly, today highlighted the lunacy of not allowing the engineers full access to their cars under Parc Ferme restrictions between sessions. This is not only dangerous, it also means that the spectator never sees the car either racing or qualifying at its optimum level.

18 April 2010

Brilliant tactical drive by Button in what was a race that was actuaklly worth watching.

But gaud almighty my viewing was almost ruined by that vertically challenged control freak dwarf Eccleston trying to be ever so yawningly funny when he was interviewed, can't someone arrange for the twirp to be got rid of?

18 April 2010

I think those overtaking manoeuvres by Alonso and Hamilton in the pit lane entrance were a bit OTT. I know they are not expected to be gentleman racers these days , but this is surely stretching things too much.

18 April 2010

Can they instal sprinklers at all tracks please - F1 is so much more challenging/entertaining/interesting when it's wet.

18 April 2010

[quote VirginPower]His driving today was at times incredible in showing racecraft that clearly remains in rich reserve. [/quote]

Letting Alonso through into 9th at the end was incredible!

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