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Spaniard warns Englishman that he faces a penalty for even a minor driving offence

Lewis Hamilton won't keep getting away with driving as aggressively as he has so far this season, according to arch-rival Fernando Alonso.

So far this season Hamilton has been criticised for weaving in front of Vitaly Petrov in Malaysia and then going wheel-to-wheel in the pitlane with Sebastian Vettel at the Chinese Grand Prix.

"Lewis has had some warnings and if he does something in the next race, however little, there will be penalties because of the last two races," said Alonso.

Asked if he felt Hamilton was being given preferential treatment, Alonso said: "No, I don't think Hamilton is in any kind of privileged position.

"The truth is that perhaps the decisions have been a little inconsistent, because other times it (Hamilton's moves) would be punishable, but I don't think it's important."

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Rover P6 3500S 29 April 2010

Re: Alonso warns Hamilton

blasos1983 wrote:
Richard H and Rover P6 3500S, the two clowns that keep everyone entertained in these forums

Hey, I'm no clown! However, interestingly, I can exclusively reveal that my first name is Richard, and that my surname begins with an H... beyond that, I cannot reveal myself any further!

david RS 29 April 2010

Re: Alonso warns Hamilton

Is the same Fernando who overtook Massa in the pits?

I prefer this year where they practice the yellow cards.

Is there fever at Ferrari because of the engine reliability?

The FIA must keep its line.

Richard H 29 April 2010

Re: Alonso warns Hamilton

underdog wrote:
Pot vs Kettle. As bad as each other

Like politicians.

Maybe we should just vote for who we see as the best drive of the day and decide the championships that way ;-)