Currently reading: Smart electric SUV will show off brand's premium ambition
New Smart Concept #1 will preview the brand's first SUV at Munich motor show next week

Smart has released new teaser images of the concept that will preview its upcoming electric SUV at the forthcoming Munich motor show. 

Dubbed the Concept #1, the new machine will be the first product from Smart since the brand became a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Chinese firm Geely. It will mark a step change in the brand's design language and positioning in line with its "growing premium and high-tech aspirations".

Smart electric SUV will show off brand's premium ambition

As previously reported by Autocar, the new five-door model is known by the codename HX11 and will be built in China.

The latest images give a glimpse of the Concept #1's extravagant lighting features, with Smart planning to shift the brand's focus to the 'premium and high-tech' sector. The 'generously dimensioned' interior is designed to appear to young families.

Previsouly released teasers give little away, beyond confirming the SUV will have a panoramic roof and a gold contrasting windowline. However, earlier sketches outlined the design of the car, including its sharp headlights, wide wheels and prominent roof bars.

The Smart logo appears on part of the rear bodywork, while concealed door handles, a large panoramic roof and illuminated elements also feature as part of the car’s design.

“Our eSUV concept embodies all of the new DNA of Smart," said Daimler Group design chief Gorden Wagener. "It’s a visionary approach that creates a new identity for the brand – more beautiful, sportier and, of course, much cooler than before."

The new five-seater is expected to be Smart’s largest model to date, at around four metres in length, and similar in size to the Mini Countryman. It will be built using Geely’s flexible SEA architecture, which will also underpin a range of future Volvo models.

Voice control and a digital key will be standard with every vehicle. 

Chinese reports have suggested the car will be fitted with a rear-mounted electric motor with a maximum power of 268bhp, a lithium ion battery with a capacity of less than 70kWh and a range on the Chinese NEDC test cycle of more than 500km (311 miles).

Smart has also suggested that the production version of the #Concept 1 will eventually pave the way for further models in the small- and compact-car segment.


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Peter Cavellini 2 September 2021

Define premium, what is the definition of a premium car or anything for that matter?, isn't premium just an word used to say your getting a slightly better built car or whatever?, and your essentially paying more to do the same as the rest of us, get from A to B is the only things cars are for, whether their better made isn't what their about,it also suggests that not premium cars aren't well built.

Andrew1 2 September 2021
Mini are not really doing that well. Sure, they sell in the UK because the British buyers see them as British, ignoring that they are German with union jack rear lights.
And they are certainty not premium - they just have premium prices.
Also, I don't get the idea about larger models? Why in the world would anyone want a maxi mini? There are far better options if you want a larger car.
The Mini used to be just that - mini. That was its appeal. It has lost that.
Why would I buy a 3008 sized car that has a pathetic retro look, pretends to be small and has an interior from last century? I'll buy the 3008 instead, thank you very much.
So Smart - better keep it smart and small. There is A Class and CLA for those who want larger.
streaky 2 September 2021

@catnip:  similarly, what exactly is "the new DNA of Smart"?? - just the usual meaningless marketing-speak.  Meanwhile: yet another upstart badge with "premium" aspirations.  Oh God, when will it ever end?