Currently reading: Everrati announces electric Ford GT40 continuation model
Electric GT40 will be first model born from partnership between British firm and US-based Superformance

British EV conversion specialist Everrati and rolling chassis producer Superformance have announced a partnership to build a range of electrified classic cars, starting with an electric Ford GT40.

Development is underway at Everrati's base in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, and a prototype chassis has been built to establish how to fit an electric powertrain in a way that maintains “the character and soul of the original”.

Performance details are set to be revealed in the coming months as the company gears up for production.

“This is the perfect partnership,” said Justin Lunny, the founder and CEO of Everrati. “The sole focus of both Everrati and Superformance is iconic cars, and Lance [Stander, the CEO of Superformance] and his team are the guys when it comes to authorised continuation chassis of some of the most legendary cars in history.

“Marrying these chassis with our advanced EV powertrains and precision engineering will enhance performance while keeping the essence and soul of the original.

"We aim to create the best electric driver’s cars while at the same time futureproofing these true past masters.”

Stander added: “While I will always love a V8-powered vehicle, there's no doubting the ultra-high performance of Everrati’s advanced EV powertrains. I'm genuinely impressed with the lengths to which Everrati goes to maintain the weight distribution and character of the original car.

"Electrification is the future in so many ways and adds another option for those who love classic sports cars.”

Rather than rip out the powertrain of an original classic, all of Superformance’s cars are continuation component vehicles – essentially replicas. Established in 1994, the company produces every one of its chassis under licence from the original trademark holder.

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Everrati was founded in 2019 and already has electric versions of the 964-generation Porsche 911, the Land Rover Series 2A and the W113-generation Mercedes-Benz SL 'Pagoda' in its line-up.

Each model is fitted with a custom electric powertrain and receives a full, concours-standard restoration prior to delivery.

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Purbert 15 July 2021

The GT40 is for me the most incredible sports cars ever created - it's the combination of sheer beauty of form driven by function, a large v8 engine, the American / British heritage and a truly amazing history. I had the absolute pleasure of driving a Superformance GT40 (and one of their 427s) in Cape Town - the roads are phenomenal around Franschhoek and Stellenbosch - twisty and empty! For me the GT40 needs a v8 and with electric would seem a little ersatz - but I'm an old fart. I wish this partnership and their little babies the very best!

bol 15 July 2021

So is this a replica or a genuine GT40? I'm a massive fan of electric cars and converting classic (or old) cars to electric. I really don't understand why anyone would take a true classic like this of which there so few were made (100?) and rip it's heart out? If it's a replica/recreation/kit car, then he'll, why not. I bet it's a right laugh. 

Peter Cavellini 15 July 2021

And what does one of these cost?, no mention of that, was there?, and I agree, a GT40, without a V8 in the back?, no, just no.