Comprehensive styling changes and revised engines to boost Mercedes’ executive line-up
27 October 2012

Mid-life revisions to the Mercedes-Benz E-class will be the most comprehensive in the firm’s history, insiders have claimed. The changes are designed to boost showroom appeal against a backdrop of stiffer competition and flagging sales. The extensively restyled and re-engineered range will be revealed at the Detroit motor show in January. 

The chief styling change is a return to two headlights from the unloved four, while a new front bumper, grille and bonnet will give the E-class greater presence. The rear door skins, wings and tail lamps are also new. A design source described the theme as “less is more”.

The new E-class retains the basic fascia architecture of the current car, while efforts have been made to improve perceived quality. Higher-grade materials, more supportive seats, new instrument graphics and switchgear, and an improved multimedia system have all been adopted.

New turbocharged petrol four-cylinder engines will be added to the line-up. The M274 units are essentially the same as the transversely mounted M270 units in the A-class range, but are re-engineered for longitudinal mounting and rear-wheel drive.

The engines will include a 156bhp 1.6 for the base E180 and a 2.0 with 181bhp, 208bhp and 248bhp in the E200, E250 and E350. A new twin-turbo 3.0 V6 with 335bhp will feature in the new E400 — 34bhp more than the normally aspirated E350 unit it replaces.

A twin-turbo 4.7 V8 with 429bhp will be used in the E500. The range-topper will again be the E63 AMG, with its twin-turbo 5.5 V8 producing 518bhp in standard tune.

The 2.1-litre turbodiesel will continue with 134bhp, 168bhp and 201bhp in the E200 CDI, E220 CDI and E250 CDI respectively. A 3.0 V6 diesel with 227bhp and 261bhp will power the E300 and E350 CDI.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class
The E-class more than lives up to traditional Mercedes values

The E-Class is a refined and relaxing return to old Mercedes qualities

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Hybrid options will be a development of the diesel-electric E300 unit, which could use a nine-speed automatic gearbox, and a not-for-UK petrol-electric E400 hybrid.

Chassis tweaks could include Mercedes’ advanced new Magic Ride adaptive damping, which uses a camera to scan road conditions ahead. 

New safety features are likely to include revised Distronic cruise control and Brake Assist, both with anti-collision systems.

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27 October 2012

I'm guessing Mercedes gave its mid-range offering four lamps originally to differentiate it from the C-class and S-class as a few generations ago they all looked like Russian dolls. Mercedes know what they're doing but I think it's a mistake to drop the four lamp treatment but, hey, what do I know?

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29 November 2012

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12 December 2012

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28 October 2012

It's a shame the diesels will continue to lag behind Audi and BMW - 265 PS in the most potent version is not enough, really.

28 October 2012

Its interesting that Mercedes are going for a "less is more" theme for this E class facelift. For me, it can only be a good thing.

To  my mind the new A and B class have taken the opposite approach, the over-fussy sculpting making them look like they're trying too hard. Hopefully Mercedes have realised that simpler, lesss contrived lines are the way to go.

3 December 2012

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28 October 2012

Sounds better to me, though losing the shiney chrome look trim would be good too, though I am surprised they have integrated old style Benz grille down into the bumper Audi style, and then put the mascot on top. Also they need more colour options and interior trims, why don't they offer Alacantera like they use to offer velour?

Though really these days there are too many model lines, Jack of all trades master of none.

28 October 2012

Mercedes hit a design dead-end with the 'fin tail' back in the 60's. I guess the four head lamp treatment would now be viewed as a similar debacle


29 October 2012

Totally agree with catnip about the contrived lines of the A and B classes.  If this restyle really does mean 'less is more' and fewer swage lines all over the bodywork then that's got to be good. 


29 October 2012

I rather like the 4-headlight front end.


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