The high-performance Hyundai Veloster Turbo has been spied at the Detroit motor show
10 January 2012

The new US-spec Hyundai Veloster Turbo has been given its official debut at the Detroit motor show. A European version of the car will also follow, possibly after a launch at the Geneva motor show in March.

Powering the US Veloster Turbo is a new turbocharged 1.6-litre direct-injection petrol engine with 198bhp. Hyundai claims its new go-faster 1+2 doored coupe has a best in class power to weight ratio.

Transmission options include a six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic. When equipped with the former, the Veloster Turbo returns a claimed 45.6mpg combined. Other powertrain features include a sports-tuned exhaust note.

Completing the mechanical upgrades is a sports-tuned steering system.

The styling has also undergone an overhaul. The Turbo features a unique front-end design, with a new grille, bumper and fog lights. There's also a matte grey paint finish, 18in alloys, and new LED headlights.

Inside, there are leather sports seats, and a Turbo-exclusive Graphite Black colour scheme, which also gets special Turbo badging.

The US will get their version of the Veloster Turbo by the summer. UK buyers are tipped to get the car in the second half of 2012.

The latest incarnation of the Genesis coupe also received its public debut at the show.

Our Verdict

Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster wins on practicality, price and standard kit but lacks the dynamic talent and appeal that a coupé should have.

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9 January 2012

210bhp is too much in that car. Why couldn't they have produce a fun "warm" hatch with 160-180bhp? 160bhp with ok torque should be more than enough for fun in a small, light car.

9 January 2012

210bhp is the going rate minimum. It's rivals are the Scirroco (>200bhp in 2.0 form) the Megane RS (230bhp) etc etc. What they want to do as well is pop that 270bhp 4cyl engine from the Genesis and create a rival to the Scirocco R!

Looks wise, however, it still looks odd. New grill is very Audi-ish

Dear Autocar website designers,

I understand your need to bring revenue in with advertising. However, can you do it in a way that makes your site usable please?


9 January 2012

Looks ok, except, yet another basking shark grille.

Its ruined the whole thing

9 January 2012

Basking shark is the perfect simile.

9 January 2012

That grille is awful.

I thought designers were moving away from that ludicrously over-sized gaping mouth look, at last? Not if this (and the new Mondeo) is anything to go by...

9 January 2012

Those sill extensions really don't suit the car. They are almost 80's aftermarket in design and the way they stand out from the rest of the car.

I have to agree with other posters, a 170bhp version would be a nice addition to the range as it is a fair old gap between 138 and 210bhp.



It's all about the twisties........

9 January 2012

This grille is just awful, it's incredibly vulgar.

9 January 2012

Charge cooler, cooler, AC cooler to keep you cool when it's 50°C outside and maybe even an oil cooler. With not a lot of room to get the air in there, control it and get it out again. Normal problems - the heavier they get the more you need to cool 'em too.

Not particularly nice to look at though - pity.

10 January 2012

No manufacturer should be allowed to polute the world with a 1.6litre engine which can only squeeze 45mpg in this day and age - unless of course its in pure rallying/racing form.

10 January 2012

I like the front of the standard model, but this one looks terrible.

And that really is a grey primer finish, isn't it?


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