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The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been revealed ahead of its Detroit motor show debut
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8 January 2012

The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been seen ahead of its Detroit motor show debut. The revised rear-drive coupe features refreshed styling and is believed to receive two revised engines and an eight-speed automatic gearbox option for the first time.

The base engine for the Genesis Coupe is allegedly a 270bhp, 275lb ft twin-scroll turbocharged four-cylinder. Buyers can also choose an upgraded 3.8-litre V6 engine, which puts out 343bhp. Both engines are mated to a six-speed manual gearbox as standard with an eight-speed auto, an in-house Hyundai development, an option.

Buyers can choose from four different versions of the Genesis Coupe: Base, Track, GT and R-trac. The 2013 facelifted model features a revised sports suspension system and a new three-stage ESC system, which incorporates a ‘Race’ mode.

Styling wise, the Genesis Coupe features a much bolder front-end inspired by the recent range of Hyundais. There’s a new front grille, bumper and headlight design, plus LED lights. LEDs are also fitted to the revised rear end.

Inside, the cabin has undergone an overhaul, with a new centre console being the chief revision.

The revised Genesis Coupe will reach US showrooms in the spring, but UK buyers will have to wait until the next-generation model is launched by the middle of the decade as there are no plans to convert the current model to right-hand drive.


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9 January 2012

Nice to know what Hyundai really think of us isnt it. The rest of the World get offered these, and we get a range of cheap hatches without a single powerful or interesting car. Sadly they are probably right as we are generally more bothered about the badge than the ability of a car, just a shame they werent prepared to invest a little and offer the car to us in RHD.

9 January 2012

This is a really bad colour for the Genesis - it's a lot smarter and less "max power" than that for most of the trim lines...

9 January 2012

It actually dosent look to bad, its good that hyundai is offering it with a big N/A V6 if they can get some good driving dynamics into the car they may actually have a strong rival to likes of Nissan's 370Z.

9 January 2012

I like it a lot. Hopefully that 270bhp 4 cyl engine will make it into that weird looking hatch/coupe and produce a great rival to the Scirocco R

9 January 2012

I know the Koreans have made giant strides in recent years, but obviously I'm in a minority here on this latest Genesis as I don't think the styling works very well at all.

It looks very 1990s and somewhat chintzy to my eyes. That massive hooter doesn't help matters either.

9 January 2012

What a silly thing to day!

The Genesis Coupe is not offered in the European market due to economics - co2 emmissions and fuel consumption.

The european market is determined by these two factors - Hyundai can clearly see that there is a massive opporunity to produce stylish, practical, environmentally friendly cars with class leading warranty at better prices than the majority of other manufacturers.

Its not a case of them not wanting to 'invest in us', more the case that they are investing in the mainstream market - i10, i20, i30 etc

Hyundai are gunning for number 1 in the industry, if they continue to produce the cars at the competitive prices they are sold for, its only a matter of time.

9 January 2012

'Spotted' ?

Hmmmm, spotted at a motor show. Very covert. Or do they mean it will come with optional spots?


9 January 2012

[quote bungletastic]The Genesis Coupe is not offered in the European market [/quote]

Not offered? Have you been on Hyundai's German, Spanish, Austrian, Swedish, Italian sites? The Genesis Coupé IS offered across Europe. I'm not a huge fan of the Genesis Coupé facelift either, it looks somewhat odd.

9 January 2012

It looks okay but I am not sure the face lift is that successful, it really does look like a design afterthought.

I too would like to see this car in the UK but until Hyundai get their act together with regards to the UK engine line up, then it will be pretty pointless.

9 January 2012

As an owner of the previous generation coupe, I have been following the Genesis since it was rumoured. I know live in mainland Europe where the car is for sale, and they are very rare here. I believe this is down to Hyundai as they dont push the car enough, all the focus is on the more mainstream cars, I have never seen any advertising for the Genesis coupe.

I think in the UK it could work, look at the Nissan 370Z, or the old Mazda RX8. They key to sales will be pricing, as always. The original Genesis Coupe was beautiful, this one whoever is a bit of a clanger, the cface is awful! Roll on the Mk2 where they might get it right again


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