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The second-generation EN-V mobility concept adds creature comforts and a Chevrolet badge

General Motor’s second-generation EN-V concept vehicle has been shown at the Detroit motor show. Now carrying the Chevrolet badge, the revised two-seat, electric urban mobility concept adds new features to the original vehicle, including climate control, storage space and can operate in all weathers, according to Chevrolet.

Read about the original EN-V concept

Marketing and strategy vice president Chris Perry said: “By 2030, more than 60 per cent of the world’s eight billion people will live in urban areas. The Chevrolet EN-V represents a possible solution for global customers living in markets where alternative transportation solutions are needed.”

The EN-V’s lithium-ion batteries allow a total travel distance of around 40 kilometres (24 miles) on a single charge.

Thanks to its GPS with vehicle-to-vehicle communications and distance-sensing technologies, the EN-V can be driven manually or autonomously, which “could reduce vehicle crashes” and “reduce traffic congestion,” according to the firm.

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Leslie Brook 14 October 2011

Re: Second-gen EN-V in progress

TegTypeR wrote:
You make a very valid point. We should, as humans, be looking to self power a vehicle like this rather than use global resources

I once read an example created by a "scientist" where he proved that if you ate foods of a certain calorific value that had been cultivated in a particular way, and imported from abroad via Air Freight, and you wore certain clothing again of a particular type and construction could conceivably generate a bigger carbon foot print walking to the shops than you would driving a small car. An extreme point; I wish I could lay my hands on it again.

Maxycat 13 October 2011

Re: Second-gen EN-V in progress

Walking wrote:
Isn't the best use of the electricity to drive virtual worlds.
We have not yet reached the time of having your body removed at birth and you brain kept connected and alive like the 1950's Sci fi films where your senses are fed delights electronically to amuse you. Just think you could spend all your virtual life swapping between driving a supercar like a racing god and making love to every sexy women of your desires. After all it is all in the mind, so they say.

roverfan1984 13 October 2011

Re: Second-gen EN-V in progress

Myk wrote:
Weren't we all supposed to have hovver-cars by now? To avoid gridlock, the only way is up

Or vacuum tubes like in Futurama, looks like a pretty simple solution to me, why cant we have those?

I would quite like conveyor belts fitted to pavements as well, especially on hills. I would probably stop driving to the chip shop at the bottom of my street then lol :P