Autocar interviewed Vauxhall chairman Duncan Aldred to find out more about the thinking behind the new Adam

The all-new Vauxhall Adam is the car that, the firm hopes, will make it a 'cooler' brand. Vauxhall chairman Duncan Aldred describes the Adam as a car that will make people "reappraise how they would traditionally think of a Vauxhall." 

Autocar interviewed Duncan Aldred to find out more about the thinking behind the Adam:

How important is this car for Vauxhall?

The Adam is very important from a brand and an image perspective, less so from a volume perspective. As well as a model to do very well in its own right, we are looking for it to have a halo spin across the company.

Did you look at the Mini and the Fiat 500 when you were creating the Adam?

Those vehicles have 
paved the way and they 
have shown that today’s consumer wants — above and beyond anything else — individuality. What we 
believe we’ve delivered with Adam is personalisation options that are beyond anything that sits in the marketplace today.

How has the design been received in customer clinics?

It’s gone down exceptionally well. It has very high appeal ratings. It’s very powerful in those clinics.

The Mini and Fiat 500 have history, but the Adam doesn’t. Is that a concern?

We don’t have that kind of 
old car to build on. In the styling and in the freshness of what we have brought to market, we unashamedly 
go forward with what we believe is a more modern, edgier-looking vehicle but 
still with the kind of cuteness that you associate with this kind of product.

How has the Adam name gone down?

Our Verdict

Vauxhall Adam

Is the Vauxhall Adam supermini special enough to provide an answer to the Fiat 500 and Mini, or merely an exercise in style and marketing?

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It’s created a division of opinion. We did research it across Europe and the UK was actually the most positive reception of the name, which gave us the confidence to go with it. What we’ve seen is that it has got the car talked about, and that’s one of the key objectives. The name has created interest and awareness, and from that perspective it is job done.


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