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Maserati combats falling sales with price cuts on the Coupé and Spyder this week - it didn’t join key rivals in the last round of price cutting. Anyone interested in buying a Coupé GT or Spyder can now take advantage of some of the biggest cost slashes since UK car importers came under pressure to match European prices. The price of the basic Coupé GT moves from £62,949 down to £56,650, while the Spyder Cambiocorsa is being slashed by £6754 to £64,995.

Several optional extras now come as standard. Electronic Skyhook suspension, the Navtrak GPS security system and heated seats – in all just over two grand’s worth of extras – are now fitted to all cars at the factory. Buy even these price reductions shouldn’t stop you trying to stiff the Maserati salesman for even more off. Autocar readers reported some monstrous deals on a new Maser prior to the price cuts, with one buyer claiming that his salesman lopped off a five-figure sum for a Coupé GT bought from stock. Sadly it’s still not good news if you fancy attempting to score a decent discount on the Maserati Coupé’s key rival, the Porsche 911 Carrera 2. Even though a new model is less than a year away salesmen are still unwilling to discuss more than some free floor mats and nothing off the £56,630 list price.


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