13 November 2003

The Ford Fiesta is rapidly shaping up to be the hottest nearly new supermini deal, with prices at £6000 now being reported.

Surprisingly, Ford main dea-lers are becoming a rich vein for some of the keenest bargains. Most of the £6k cars are still the last shape, but committed searching for a new one can pay off. For example, we spotted a 1.3 Finesse with 10k miles on the clock on sale at a Midlands dealer for £6000.

Most cars, though, are a little pricier but if you’re planning on spending £7000, you can now virtually choose your colour and spec. Most of the cars in stock tend to be the discontinued 1.3-litres, but the later 1.25-litre models are around, usually wearing a £6995 price tag for a Finesse 5dr with a few thousand miles on the clock. Best of all, most salesmen are keen to knock off a few hundred quid if it means securing a deal.

Used car supersites still don’t have forecourts crammed with new-shape Fiestas but they’re worth a try. Some of the most tempting prices when we went looking were £6799 for a 1.3 Finesse 5dr at London’s Great Trade Centre or £100 more for a 10k 03-plate car at Fords of Winsford.

By contrast, getting hold of a new Nissan Micra is still going to mean spending around a grand more. Typical main dealer prices are currently running at around £7795 for an 03-plate 1.2 S 3dr with 5k on the clock. That’s a mere £200 less than the list price.

Our Verdict

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is an easy and very visible route to greenness, even if its reputation as the minicab of choice for UK drivers is now impossible to shake off

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