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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's snippets of automotive news include news on Khazar, DS designing a kitchen and Mazda on diesel.

Iran and Azerbaijan create Khazar:

A joint venture between Iran and Azerbaijan is aiming to become a major car industry player in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Khazar is a link-up between Iranian firm IKCO and Azerbaijan’s AzEuroCar, and its Dena saloon will be exported to Russia and Ukraine, among other markets. Khazar’s Azerbaijani factory has capacity to produce 10,000 cars annually, with 20% due to be exported.

DS designs a kitchen:

Most of us head down to Wickes or Ikea when we need a new kitchen. But when you’re a three-star Michelin chef in the centre of Paris, you turn elsewhere. To DS, of course.

The design team of the PSA Group’s new premium brand worked with Yannick Alléno and his Ledoyen restaurant to install the new kitchen, which includes rounded corners to the benches to allow the chefs to move around quicker and a clever air extraction system that stops air blowing on the food. But no quilted leather.

Mazda on diesel:

Mazda is feeling the pain of diesel’s demise but is still continuing to invest in its development because it believes the fuel type remains important for CO2 targets. Mazda vice president of communications in Europe Wojciech Halarewicz told Autocar: “From well to wheel, diesel is still the most sustainable option in most cases, so you will see we’ll have a greater mix of powertrains rather than fewer.” Halarewicz also said that “around 40%” of sales for the brand’s larger vehicles are for diesel-powered versions.

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coolboy 20 September 2018

Mazda always a stand out

Toyota has very own different numbers from his japanese colleague. Somehow, they haven`t found a compelling case & backing number for a hybrid LandCruiser let alone one on hydrogen. They are more on the agenda of dismissing diesel and promoting petrol hybrids without any plugs, they now call them, self-charging electric cars.

We are still waiting for self-charging fuell cell cars with affordable hydrogen. Leasing gimmicks not counting as solution.

typos1 18 September 2018

Does the DS kitchen have an

Does the DS kitchen have an Audi gille and too much chrome ?

WallMeerkat 18 September 2018

typos1 wrote:

typos1 wrote:

Does the DS kitchen have an Audi gille and too much chrome ?


Presumably it has absolutely no traditional French cuisine or styling features, instead resembling an industrial frozen food factory on the outskirts of Wolfsberg.

It has a 2 foot raised floor and is 20 foot high, with highchairs at the dining table. As is the trend, everyone needs to sit up high nowadays.

All the plumbing has been replaced with solid metal, and the highchairs are uncomfortable, because 'sporty'.