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Our reporters have had their ears to the ground all week. Here's what they heard.

In this week's roundup of automotive gossip, Genesis tell us why their "crystal dome" isn't just a quirky styling feature and Volkswagen reveal how they're dealing with the chip shortage. But first, we discover Bentley's attitude towards EVs.

Bentley sticks to electric plans

Bentley boss Adrian Hallmark has dismissed concerns that not all nations will be ready to go electric by 2030, the date by which all new Bentleys will be EVs. He said: “It’s possible everywhere by then. Look at the rate of ramp-up [of charging] on motorways and elsewhere: it’s extraordinary. And there will be innovations by then that help, too, such as inductive charging breakthroughs.”

Volkswagen dealing with chip shortage

Volkswagen sales boss Klaus Zellmer says the efforts of the firm’s procurement mean that it’s managing the global semiconductor chip crisis “rather well” at the moment. But he added: “We still have a lot more demand than supply. In a way, that’s good – if people are willing to wait.” Zellmer said that Volkswagen’s UK current order bank is 25-30% higher than usual.

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Genesis introduce unqiue new gear selector

The new Genesis GV60 features a novel glowing ‘crystal sphere’ that rotates to become the gear selector when the car is active – and product boss Sean Lee insists it’s not just for show. “It tells you easily whether the vehicle is turned on or not, which is hard to know in an EV,” he explained, “so it’s not just a design feature but a safety feature too.”

17 year old becomes McLaren cheif executive (but only for a day)

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McLaren Automotive named a new chief executive recently: 17-year-old Maisy from Wales. Thankfully for Mike Flewitt, the surprise switch was only for one day, with the Plan International charity ambassador taking over to mark International Day of the Girl.

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