Promo video error appears to show next Golf
2 October 2009

The next Volkswagen Golf has apparently been revealed by accident during a company promo video.

Halfway into a film for the Frankfurt show L1 concept car, what appears to be a full-size mock-up of a future Golf can be seen in the background.

The car has narrower headlights and a more sculpted snout, similar to the Scirocco, and has pronounced wheel arches, possibly suggesting a wider track.

If the pics are to be believed, the car will be an evolutionary step forward instead of a giant leap, building on the latest model.

According to reports, the scene didn’t last long in the video, quickly being erased from the official video.

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Volkswagen Golf

Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf? The seventh generation of Europe's best selling car has been facelifted to keep its nose ahead of its rivals

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2 October 2009

How do you know that it's not just an old mock up for the recently launched mk6?? Could easily be quite a old video....

2 October 2009

He was losing sleep over THAT!

2 October 2009

Autocar writes like it is surprised that the apparent MKVII Golf is "evolutionary rather than revolutionary"... No s*** sherlock! Since when did VW have a radical design direction with the Golk? At least with the mk 5 and mk5.5/6 they made a decent car, unlike the truely appalling mk4.

2 October 2009

[quote theonlydt]At least with the mk 5 and mk5.5/6 they made a decent car, unlike the truely appalling mk4.[/quote]

Are you sure? Are you mixing up the Mk IV with the Mk III?

I thought received wisdom was that the Mk III was the nadir of product quality and desirability across the Golf's life, whereas the Mk IV was a quality product - off the back of Piech's insistence on making VWs premium, like the no-expenses spared Phaeton - with the downside of miss-applying the venerated GTI badge to a non-GTI worthy, underpowered variant.

2 October 2009

It looks like a Japanese hatch like a Honda or something...

2 October 2009

Maybe its just another pointless niche within a niche from VW:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Scirocco 'Plus'. For people who want a Scirocco but need a little extra headroom - (Just dont mention the Golf 3dr)"

2 October 2009

I think the Golf sells on repeat sales anyway, yes there's been some duffers (mk 4) the new "R" type is ho-hum, not radical enough, and i think the Scirocco R is going to steal sales from it this time, probably won't matter anyway, like i said at the start, repaet customers, serial golf buyers will love it because it's a life style car, because if your image driven then you MUST have a Golf! darling, it's so you!

Peter Cavellini.

2 October 2009

If this is the Mk 7, at least it looks like VW is coming up with an all-new model and not just a heavily facelifted version of the previous model (Mk 6, ahem......)

2 October 2009

[quote Autocar]If the pics are to be believed, the car will be an evolutionary step forward...[/quote]

I can't see anything except it's got no wheels! It's got no wheels! No wheels! Or don't they put the wheels on yet when it's just a huge blob of clay?

2 October 2009

Sorry but I just can't get excited about Golfs any more. I loved my Mk1 and Mk2 GTi's. The original golf was fresh, different, and desirable, and the Mk2 built on that, adding a touch of solidity and reducing NVH.
VW have played it too safe since those cars. The Golf is now the IBM of the car world. People used to say that you wouldn't get fired for buying IBM. The product was a safe buy, if rather uninspiring and average in terms of performance. When the Golf Mk1 was around IBM's future looked assured, but the rest is history. I just wish the Apple of the car world would emerge to relieve my boredom.


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