We've driven beserk 650hp GTI – and VW could build it
6 August 2007

Back in May we brought you news of the 641bhp VW Golf GTI W12-650. Now we've driven this beserk machine – and you can watch the video here.Autocar features ed Mike Duff travelled to Germany recently for a drive in the mega-GTi, and reports that it's every bit as impressive as we'd hoped. The rather surprising news is that if there's enough demand for it, the boffins who built it reckon VW could be persuaded to make some more.The W12-650 is without doubt the most extreme Golf GTI on the road. Where the engine would normally be there's a tiny luggage space, and where the rear seats would normally be there's a rather large 6.0-litre W12 engine. Officially it's the unit from the Phaeton with a pair of turbochargers bolted on; unofficially that means it's the engine from the Bentley Continental GT.Unlike some concept car creations, the W12 can be driven, and driven hard, though its 553lb ft of torque is restricted in first and second gears. Still, it will reach 62mph in 3.7sec and the top speed is 202mph.Having driven the GTI W12, we want one more than ever. If you’d like one as well, may we suggest you hassle your local VW dealer, or write to VW UK at Yeomans Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5AN.

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Volkswagen Golf

Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf? The seventh generation of Europe's best selling car has been facelifted to keep its nose ahead of its rivals

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30 August 2008

I whant one please.... in a near future!!

it's too good.

can you show me more about it?


Dario de Sousa

30 August 2008

The back end looks like a face that is about to burst into tears.

If I want an autonomous car, I'll take a taxi.

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