Currently reading: Think gets first Euro EV approval
New certificate will help get electric vehicles on the road

The Think City car has been given the first ever pan-European homologation certificate for an electric vehicle.

The new certificate only became available from 1 May 2009 and is designed to accelerate the introduction of electric cars on to European roads.

The car can now be registered in each European member state without additional national tests or approvals.

Think said the certificate would reduce costs for manufacturers, importers and consumers. The company also confirmed it has now signed a memorandum of understanding to deliver 550 Think city EVs to the Spanish market.

Richard Canny, CEO of Think, said: “The combination of government-led demonstration programs followed by incentives for consumer to purchase EVs is a pattern that leading governments around the world are following.

“It helps get EVs on the market, increases the scale for lithium-ion battery producers and drives the cost of these batteries down.”

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