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Efficient sports car could make production

Peugeot’s RCZ hybrid will deliver 76.35mpg when it goes on sale. The car is currently under review and Peugeot says it is determined to bring it to production if demand is high enough.

The hybrid coupe is a likelihood because the tech has already been perfected in the 3008 Hybrid4, with which it shares a platform. The 3008 hybrid is due to be seen at next month’s Frankfurt show in production form and go on sale in the UK in early 2011.

The 3008 emits 99g/km of CO2 but the RCZ Hybrid4, on show at Frankfurt as a concept, brings this figure down to 95g/km because it’s lighter and has better aerodynamics.

Under the skin, the Hybrid4 is an otherwise conventional front-drive car, powered by a 163bhp 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine that’s fitted with a stop-start system.

However, the car’s rear axle has been modified to incorporate an electric motor that is good for 37bhp and 147lb ft at full tilt. Because of the hybrid powertrain the RCZ now has a multi-link rear suspension.

The Hybrid4 can run in front drive, four-wheel drive and purely rear drive modes; the latter offers zero-emissions travel, though the range is only a few miles, even at relatively modest city speeds.

If the 3008 Hybrid4 proves a sales success, its two-door cousin could arrive soon after, possibly followed by hybrid versions of the 308 and 308CC.

The hybrid powertrain can also easily be converted to use a petrol motor instead of diesel, says Peugeot.

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A R Chen 15 September 2009

Re: RCZ delivers 76.35mpg

It definitely looks like the PSA Group has the right idea. The combined torque of the electric motor & the turbodiesel should also provide it with 'significant' shove, I would imagine, even if this might be in a narrow rpm band.

Let's just hope the usual French electrical gremlins have been banished into history. Peugeot & Citroen certainly seem to be on the right track lately.

artill 14 September 2009

Re: RCZ delivers 76.35mpg

Every one of Peugeots hybrid show cars has had their semi automatic gearbox, which is a shame, and certainly shouldnt be compulsory on a sporty car like this. Personally i would also like to see the petrol engines offered with this set up. However having to fit Multi link rear suspension sounds like an improvement.

Lets hope peugeot can get their hybrid system to the market soon, and at an acceptable cost, and then we can find out if its any good or not. In principal i am all in favour, and if the weight distribution improves with the motor at the back, and the suspension is better, it might be a pretty decent car.