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Lekir concept is a Lotus Europa with restyled bumpers, black trim and Proton badges

Proton has wheeled out a string of concepts - including a version of the Lotus Europa - at the Malaysian manufacturer’s local motor show in Kuala Lumpur.

The most sporting of the models is the Lekir, in effect a Lotus Europa with restyled bumpers, black trim ahead of the rear wheelarches and Proton badging. Sources in Malaysia suggest that the Lekir could become the long-term future of the Europa, which has not been a success for Lotus.

See pics of the Europa-based Proton Lekir

Such a model would feature a 1.6-litre turbocharged Proton powerplant, and make use of the Europa’s platform and suspension components, plus much of its bodywork.

More significant for Proton’s mainstream sales is the Tuah, a neatly styled four-door saloon which is said to preview the next-generation Persona. Its bold front end has LED daytime running lights, and its blistered wheelarches give it an unusually sporting stance.

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Proton is also using its home show to reveal the Lekiu, a small SUV crossover that could well be destined for the Chinese market, and the Jebat, a crudely bodykitted take on the Mitsubishi Evo X that features swathes of matt-black plastic at its front and rear.

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Nozwald 11 December 2010

Re: Proton rebadges Lotus Europa

ischiaragazzo wrote:
I think the kindest thing that I can say is it looks 'interesting'
Actually I think the new slightly extended front bumper and rear end treatment is better resolved than the original. Although the 2-tone colour scene is somewhat questionable. And the new Lotus-concept-inspired air intake at the front suits it well ... surprisingly. Overall this to me is a much improved look.

jonfortwo 9 December 2010

Re: Proton rebadges Lotus Europa

somethingmissing wrote:
To me, it seems hard to deny that there really is a stigma here against Proton, although I don't think racism is behind it. Just misguidedness and lazy thought.

perfectly put.

somethingmissing 9 December 2010

Re: Proton rebadges Lotus Europa

Seren Kuhanandan wrote:

Personally, if you make a product and don't put your own name on it, it doesn't say much to me about the product. But I suppose disco and I just have to be a jingoes-cum-racist to disagree with a man who left Ferrari when they started moving to where Lotus is heading. I wonder who I'm backing in that fight, FIAT or Proton. I half expect you to tell me I harbour desires to run all italians into the sea, like some secret Italian Job fetish. Leave your racism accusations in your bedroom, troll.

Oh Christ on a stick, why does it always have to be weak-minded gibberish like this? The words I used to describe the scorned carmakers were ‘determined’ and ‘emerging’, and I was trying to make sure this didn’t turn into some kind of racism issue, but some idiocy is impossible to allow for, really. So, here we go, for those who didn't notice: this isn't about racism. It’s about British car enthusiasts (and by this I mean people who are enthusiastic about British cars, not people wo are enthusiastic about cars and British... just thought I'd point that out, you never know when someone's going to cry racist) who are - understandably, to some degree - in a state of muddled dismay over the tattered condition of the British car industry, which has engendered years of knee-jerk scorn directed at upstart car companies that start off making laughable, copycat products, but develop a strong business plan, and eventually eclipse the British industry several times over. The fact that the bulk of these new car companies are based in Asia is simply a side-effect of global economic developments in the past two or three decades. Nowhere am I suggesting that Mr. Disco is a racist, and you really shouldn’t bring so grave an accusation to the table with such a gleeful touch, even if you do find it a convenient method of brushing aside people who disagree with you. For the record, I’d like to categorically state that there has been no racism on here, just misdirected ire, incoherent reasoning and cavalier accusations. For an example of these, look to the fact that nobody who wailed about this potential rebadging even made mention of the fact that the rebadging of Lotuses is nothing new. To me, it seems hard to deny that there really is a stigma here against Proton, although I don't think racism is behind it. Just misguidedness and lazy thought.