Second Verve concept debuts in China, previews all new Fiesta saloon
19 November 2007

Here’s the second instalment in Ford’s Verve concept trilogy, which gives us a look at the future of the new Fiesta. This one, revealed at this week’s Guangzhou motor show in China, will become the saloon model destined for Asian markets, as part of the new Fiesta’s three-car model line-up.Identical up to the B-pillar to the hatch that will go into production as the European Fiesta next year, this Verve adds a neat boot to the rear. It also previews how the five-door Fiesta will look, although like the production saloon, that car will get a B-pillar and frames on the doors. The new Fiesta will become Ford’s first global car, although it’s been designed and engineered by Ford of Europe. The third and final Verve concept, showing a taller Fiesta for the US market - possibly a Fusion-like crossover SUV - will appear at January’s Detroit motor show.

Our Verdict

Ford Fiesta
Fiestas sold in Europe are ostensibly the same as those sold in America and Asia

The seventh-generation Ford Fiesta is the UK's best selling car, helped by frugal engines, handling verve and a big car feel

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19 November 2007

Is it just me or has this incarnation of the Verve suddenly turned into Peugeots mildly more attractive cousin? The basking-shark grills and huge front lights running the length of the front wing, a-la 407 coupe, is not really the design direction Ford should be going.


19 November 2007

i think this car looks great. if only they were this daring when they designed the focus, this would look great at a slightly larger scale as the focus. i'd definatly trade in my peugeot 308 and buy one.

20 November 2007

Car 'mouths' have been heading south for quite a while... From Audi 'dog and bone' split grilles then gaping gobs, to Fiat's transitional versions (more below than above the bumper), to Ford's, Mitsubishi's and probably everyone else's take on Peugeot's original version. Doesn't apply to posh brands though!

20 November 2007

Whilst there is a handsomeness to this car i can't help think that as the 1980s were the decade of the jellymould so the 2000s are the decade of the ncap cars.

20 November 2007

The problem with modern cars is that they have become bulkier and it is getting harder for stylists to disguise that fact. This is why it resembles a Peugeot; the large grill is an appealing way of overcoming the high bonnet.

20 November 2007

Yeah right - cause Ford will build that. Exceptions to this was the KA - a lovely little car.

This is the company that brought you the Mk2 Focus after the genuis that was the Mark 1 with it's new edge design...........!!

And the GT40 or whatever they were allowed to subsequently call it - ripped off from the 60's design classic........!!

And the Scorpio..........!!

And the Mondeo in all it's various incarnations.......!!

And the Escort - devoid of any charm since the Mark 1......!!

And the Fiesta in all it's various incarnations....!!

It's a multi national commited to flogging off anything in it's stable that produces a nice looking car - it now builds for the lowest common denominator at the lowest price for the largest market possible.

At least it's chassis will be competent on current form.

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