Currently reading: Mazda RX-8 gets hydrogen power
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16 October 2003

Mazda is leaping towards the future of alternative-energy, with the world premier of its hydrogen-fuelled RX-8 (pictured above). The new Renesis rotary engine utilises direct hydrogen injection and can alternate its power source between petrol and hydrogen. The company claims that the concept, which could make production, is evidence that being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean losing a sporty image.

While the Ibuki concept will preview the next generation MX-5, Mazda will also show us there is potential left in the current MX-5, with the Roadster Turbo concept (pictured right). In addition to a retuned turbocharged engine, the concept receives a revised limited-slip, stiffer suspension, and a 10mm drop in ride height.

Also on Mazda’s show stand will be a four-door Mazda3 saloon (pictured in gallery). Only slight styling mods set it apart from the five-door hatch version. It goes on sale in the UK next May.


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