83mpg diesel-hybrid Golf "likely to go into production"
4 March 2008

Volkswagen has taken the wraps off its Golf TDI Hybrid, capable of 89g/km and 83mpg.In order to achieve these high levels of efficiency, the VW engineers have fitted the Golf with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder diesel engine that works in tandem with a 220V electric motor.The electric motor powers the car from standstill with the little diesel engine engaging only if extra acceleration is needed or when driving at motorway speeds.Under braking, the electric motor operates as a generator to recover kinetic energy, which is then used to charge the battery. A stop-start function also aids economy, switching the diesel engine off completely when the car is at a standstill.There are a few styling tweaks to the TDI Hybrid to make it more aerodynamic such as a newly designed grille, smaller front air intakes and the front splitter from the Golf GTI Edition 30.It may be in concept form here at Geneva, but VW has already admitted that the vehicle "is likely to go into production in the future.”

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Volkswagen Golf

Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf? The seventh generation of Europe's best selling car has been facelifted to keep its nose ahead of its rivals

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5 March 2008

If this thing would have had a gasoline engine, I would have been much more excited, diesels still stink. But if it is able to take you around town without having to use the engine, than I guess, this could be a real help for getting the smog out of the cities. And if it doesn´t cost a fortune, this should be a winner, much more than the Lupo.

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