Leaked memo of next Ferrari supercar leaked
19 September 2008

We’ve already reported on sightings of development mules apparently being used to test the engine for Ferrari’s Enzo successor, but now a leaked internal memo has apparently given some details about the new car.

The memo first appeared on a Ferrari fan forum, and although it’s authenticity hasn’t been confirmed, it appears to have been sent from company president Luca di Montezemolo to Ferrari’s Chinese importer.

It is written in English and confirms that the new car, still codenamed ‘FX150’ will have 794bhp and use a mid-mounted turbocharged V8 engine. The 0-62 mph time is claimed to be just 2.7 seconds, while the top speed is quoted at 390km/h: a cool 242mph.

The memo says that the car will use an all-carbonfibre body and chassis, keeping weight down to just 1300kg, and will have a seven-speed ‘Superfast’ gearbox capable of changing gear in just 50 milliseconds. It concludes by estimating that the price will be in the region of €1.2-€1.3 million, and that the car will go on sale ‘circa 2009’.

Is it genuine? If not, it’s a very convincing forgery – and with specs as impressive as these we hope it’s the real deal.

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19 September 2008

0-62 in 2.7 secs? Crikey, that beats my Focus diesel's time!

19 September 2008

It is obviously phony. For starters, Luca Cordero di Montezemelo is the marque's President. Amadeo Felisa is the CEO. Then, Ferrari pledged to lower the weight of its new flagship to around 1000 kg. Even the Enzo was 1250 kg dry. Last but not least, there is nothing in a dual clutch gearbox that was inspired by Formula 1 as F1 cars use single clutch automated manuals. I would expect more critical thought from Autocar.

22 September 2008

Even if this was true, who needs a car that will do 242 mph and cost €1.3 million?

Give me a Corvette ZR1 that has 90% of the FX150's performance for 90% less in price. I could do a lot with the extra €1.1 million left in my bank account.

I wonder what kind of perfomance GM could acheive from the ZR1 if it cost €1.3 million? A top speed of 300 mph?

22 September 2008

[quote shomann]I wonder what kind of perfomance GM could acheive from the ZR1 if it cost €1.3 million?  A top speed of 300 mph?[/quote] It might even have gold-plated cart springs.

22 September 2008

Well, it's not that simple. Virtually any manufacturer can build a 1000+ Hp 10 litre engine and bolt it onto a chassis. It would be undriveable and downright dangerous if not executed correctly though. In order to make a great supercar much more is needed. You need to have top quality engineering, racing pedigree (in order to have the necessary know-how) and the culture to bring every element together to create something truly astonishing. Only a handful of manufacturers can do that and it does not have to do with the asking price. Even if GM asked for a million quid, it would not acquire F1 technology all of the sudden.

23 September 2008

Specs look amazing but the letter is obviously fake. Why should Luca write an internal memo that sounds like he were doing a marketing pitch? Pricing also sounds too high to be credible. Even Ferrari is not so crazy to think that the number of people who care to buy million pound cars is a bottomless well. Agree with REALZUS though. Anyone can build a 1000+bhp engine. The trick is to make sure the car it is attached to can be driven on a daily basis and that the engine internals don't grenade themselves every week or so.

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