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FT-EV II concept heading for Tokyo show

This is the Toyota FT-EV II concept, which contains clues as to how an small electric Toyota will look when it goes on sale in the US in 2012.

FT-EV II (for Future Toyota Electric Vehicle) takes to the Tokyo motor show stage as a compact, glassy, short distance electric commuter.

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Measuring 2730 mm end to end, it's even shorter than an iQ, on which it's clearly based, yet with generous 1680 mm width and 1490 mm height at its disposal, it's still able to carry four people, Toyota says.

Toyota's new electric baby has twin electric sliding doors for easy entry and exit and under floor lithium-ion battery pack. However, the sliding doors aren't expected to make production - they'd add unnecessary cost and weight.

There's no accelerator or brake pedals: instead those functions along with steering are controlled by a joystick, utilising drive-by-wire technology. The joystick controls have been seen before - on the i-real concept.

Drive range per full charge is set at 56 miles and it has a claimed top speed of over 62mph. However, Toyota maintains that most people won't need an electric range of more than 25 miles for many years, especially as charging infrastructure is still a long way from becoming reality.

Instead, it is keeping its focus on developing plug-in hybrids with electric ranges of 20-25 miles, with the plug-in Prius the first such car scheduled for production.

Steve Cropley/Peter Nunn

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noluddite 22 October 2009

Re: Toyota unveils electric iQ

Looks ideal for a city commute. Far superior to a GWIZ. But why do Car manufacturers put features on concepts that they have no intention of including on the real model? Electronics manufacturers dont do this. Whilst it may (i'm being benevolent here) add glamour at the show, surely it also gives rise to disappointment with the real thing (land rover please note).