Ingolstadt drops 500bhp, 738lb ft oil-burner into its fledgling sports car
4 January 2008

Two weeks before the Detroit motor show opens it doors, Audi’s star of the North American International Auto Show has leaked onto the internet – and according to early reports, it’s a 500bhp diesel-powered sports car.The German car brand will show a design concept called the R8 V12 TDi at Detroit and, just as its name suggests, it’ll be a twelve-cylinder turbodiesel version of the critically acclaimed mid-engined R8. Motor industry watchers have been anticipating a hotter version of the 414bhp R8 for some time now. Most of the speculation has been concerning a V10 petrol-engined option; Quattro GmbH boss Werner Frowein even confirmed that a ten-cylinder R8 will go into production. This is the first indication that a third R8 derivative is on the cards, though, which could also be fastest and most expensive.Although there has been no official confirmation from Audi yet, the R8 V12 TDi should use the same 6.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V12 as the Q7. That motor produces a heady 500bhp and 738lb ft of torque between 1750- and 3000rpm. Bluetec technology means it’ll also be clean enough to meet Euro V emissions standards.And performance should be beyond question. In the two-tonne-plus Q7, the 500bhp V12 TDi engine is strong enough for 0-62mph in 5.5sec; in a 1600kg R8, think 0-62mph in around 4.0sec dead, twinned with incredible in-gear acceleration and overtaking potential.If the response to the hot diesel R8 is positive and Audi puts it into production, the R8 TDi will be a line in the sand in the development of the diesel motor car – the first true diesel-powered supercar, Audi could argue. Expect more on the car to emerge at its unveiling next weekend.

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Audi R8 V8

It may not have a posh badge, but when it comes to what really matters the R8 has what it takes to hold its head high among supercar rivals

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4 January 2008

If this makes it into production then this could be a runaway success, and may finally persuade people that diesel isn't so uncool after all.

5 January 2008

Rapidly establishing diesel a 'pedigree' in motorsport with success at Le Mans et al.

With a less peaky engine and torque n spades - I wonder if it's quicker point to point than the petrol?


5 January 2008

Yeah tons of tourque but it'll still sound like a bus!!!

5 January 2008

[quote rosstopher]

Yeah tons of tourque but it'll still sound like a bus!!!


at least it'll share something with it's racing namesake.

5 January 2008

If it sounds anything like the diesel racer, I think it would be pretty nice. Just like a phantom (the ghost phantom, not the Roller) slinking along, with a slight whistle and whoosh from its turbos.

5 January 2008

If this car makes production and becomes a success, this could well confirm many suspicions that petrol has nearly had its day. Nearly all diesels are more economical, smoother and have better performance figures that their petrol equivalents, even if a petrol engine has more Bhp. I drive a 325i and often see many lower bhp diesels pull away because of their torque. The only saving grace for petrol is their noise and flexibility, but does this matter nowadays?! I bet the next step will def be a diesel Porsche Cayenne.

5 January 2008

Yeah, I don't doubt it will be absolutely stupendously fast, and feel completely different to any other super car (probably in a good way), but there is still something about a high reving petrol engines power delivery that just gets the hairs standing up on the back of neck.

I tried to get on with a diesel before, but on the whole lazy delivery is just a little too relaxed with the lack of revs and lack of hard edged noise. Super cars are more than just a speed experience, they should make you get out with your ears ringing and body tingling from the whole sensation!

That said, it will be interesting to see how well they have executed it.



It's all about the twisties........

7 January 2008

We all expected it. Sounds impressive though.

What I really love about this story, though, is the picture. I like to think that whilst they were testing the petrol R8, someone had the foresight to think "hang on, I bet that Audi will bring out a diesel version - lets get a picture of an R8 in a farmyard to use with the story when it breaks"...


8 January 2008

It's about time. In this industry it's all about being first, and if Audi did not do it then Peugeot will as they have similar technology in their Le Mans racer.

20 January 2008

[quote Kee Law]

shame that the engine is so big that golf clubs no longer fit in the car! would said diesels were more practical?!


Good! Now it would be used by real drivers! Not golfers!




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