Currently reading: Volkswagen readies new design language
VW has already started to develop an all-new design language, with the Sportsvan concept pointing the way forward for the company

Volkswagen is planning a fresh new design language.

“It’s time for a new look,” said an insider, who explained that the theme will retain certain features, such as the link between the grille and headlamps, although these trademark details will evolve.

As an example, the insider cited the Sportsvan concept, which previews the Golf Plus and was unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show. That model is due out next year, with VW already confirming it won't use either the Golf or Sportsvan name for the production version. It's 134mm longer than the outgoing Golf Plus, and 83mm longer than the five-door Volkswagen Golf on which it is based.

On the Sportsvan concept, the ends of its grille folds back to meet the headlights. This subtle evolution will be rolled out across VW’s range, along with a fresh sculpture whose character will gradually emerge with each new model.


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andrea 7 November 2013

look they change the lights !!

omg they change the lights just a touch!!! such a challenging design language, so innovat...zzz...z.zzzzzzz z
catnip 5 November 2013

To be fair on Autocar,

To be fair on Autocar, they've done a fine job stretching an article about nothing to 3 paragraphs. I hardly think the Sportsvan showcases anything in particular: Its a neat vehicle, more or les what you'd expect from VW these days, though, as has been mentioned, it does seem to have been influenced by some of Ford's recent models
MikeSpencer 5 November 2013

VW Golf + Ford C-Max = Sportsvan

'New design language' is stretching it a bit, isn't it? Just a better looking Golf Plus, or am I missing something?