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Nissan Micra production in the UK ends tonight after 18 years

Nissan Micra production in the UK will come to an end tonight after 18 years.

Micra production at Nissan’s Sunderland plant first started on 10 August 1992; the final Micra will come down the production line during tonight’s late shift.

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Sunderland produced almost 1.4 million first-generation K11 Micras between 1992 and 2002, while almost 1m K12 Micras have been produced since 2002, including 31,000 CC variants.

By the end of today, Sunderland would have produced 2,368,704 Micras, which is more than 40 per cent of the plant's total output since opening in 1986.

Production of the third-generation Micra has shifted to several countries around the world, including to a new plant in Chennai, India.

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The Micra will be replaced on the Sunderland production line by the Juke next month.


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feckin maso 20 July 2010

Re: Micra UK production ends

Nissan has too many small cars now for Micra to be the default choice, I always felt it was criminally overlooked, not featuring in group tests and the unbreakable nature of it unnapreciated by journos who only had one for a week.

Three years ago this week I left NI in a 94 Micra and drove it to Mongolia, 2500 miles were off road and included fording rivers, mountain passes and steep inclines, the Micra was more than a match for any of the other cars taking part with each of the 32 Micras that entered the challenge finishing,(259 cars in total started, 80 finished)

When I got home my proper car (406) let me down as I drove through a shallow flood, I immediately went and bought another Micra. Two weeks ago my sister wanted a cheap runaround so I got her one too.

I hope that the shift in production and competition from within the Nissan range do not threaten the Micra

PRODIGY 17 July 2010

Re: Micra UK production ends

I'm not sure why, but I am quite sad that the current Micra is no more. I have driven many miles in my mothers Micra, and it's a good honest little runabout which does everything my mother asks of it and it does it well. Admittedly the seats are naff if you are driving it hard, but it rarely gets driven hard unless i'm driving. The poor thing has met with many objects in it's life, including a parked car (My mother seriously cannot drive) but it has coped well and still looks reasonably tidy. No reliability issues at all too.

As for the Juke, like others have said, It should be a big model for Nissan. It is a risk, but a calculated one. I have never driven a Qasqai (Spelling???) and at first I thought it was pointless. But I have to admit the design is good and definately grows on you, as the Jukes no doubt will once they become a familiar sight.

Who'd have thought that humble old Rover (The brand, not the poster masquerading as sixman) would have started a trend with the Streetwise eh!

Reasonable 16 July 2010

Re: Micra UK production ends

shortbread wrote:
This is a company thats getting a £20 million grant. The Micra was a consistent seller and very much a safe bet, they are now being replaced by the hideous Juke and a £25k electric car, for which they expect the Govt. to cough up a £5k discount for each car they sell.
£20 million is nothing in the car industry. For every pound the government puts in, the company will be spending 10 to get the car in production, plus the wages and parts costs it spends after that - the government will get their money back through taxes and benefit savings many times over... Plus, although the Micra sold consistently in the UK, Nissan almost certainly makes no money from UK built Micras. Volume does not automatically = profit. Look at GM. I'd say the Juke is a bit of a gamble, but if it works, like the Qashqai, then Nissan UK is doing better than it would be making Micras.