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Instructors demand the return of the Corsa as the 500 is "too small"

Britain’s largest driving school has cut short a four-year deal with Fiat after 80 per cent of its instructors demanded the return of the Vauxhall Corsa. British School of Motoring (BSM) instructors had complained that the Fiat 500 was “too small” for them.

The deal with Fiat lasted just 18 months and BSM is now preparing to replace its 3250-strong fleet of three-door 500s with five-door Corsas, rekindling an 18-year relationship with Vauxhall.

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A spokesman for BSM commented that “a break clause in the Fiat contract” and “an excellent deal from Vauxhall”, along with the instructor feedback, marked a swift end for L-plated 500s.

BSM CEO Nikolai Kesting said that it had “received a clear message” from its instructors and learners that the “Corsa is their car of choice”.

The exchange will begin in March 2011 and is set to be complete by the end of the year.See all the latest Vauxhall Corsa reviews, news and video

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Maxycat 25 November 2010

Re: BSM ditches 500 for Corsa

BSM changing from Fiat 500's to Vauxhall Corsa's has little to do with the desirability of a particular car but much to do with the discount available when ordering them by the hundred or indeed the thousand. The Fiat sells well and Fiat can charge a premium price as the demand is high, I expect Fiat is selling as many as it can make unlike Vauxhall with the Corsa.

n50pap 25 November 2010

Re: BSM ditches 500 for Corsa

Just an up-date to my previous post. These cars are, I suspect, the high-mileage "59" plate 500's that are now appearing on ebay Motors. As rodenal said "auctioned en-masse then resold by Arnold Clark" - how prophetic! Perhaps that'll mean that the 500 won't be as overpriced as it has been. As for the Vauxhall Corsa deal - nothing to do with them shifting the old model just in time for the up-grade, I suppose.

n50pap 14 October 2010

Re: BSM ditches 500 for Corsa

rodenal wrote:
Would be suprised if they readily identify them, more likely they will be sold at auction en-mass then resold by arnold clark etc after taking out the extra pedals and gubbins.

I suppose it'll be a refreshing change from the ex-hire cars, contract hire and motability cars that they normally sell. At least ex BSM cars won't have been hashed to death, apart from reversing into the odd wall, I suppose. Someone else commented that the Panda would have been a better proposition, with extra doors and a flat back which would make it easy for learner drivers to park in confined spaces. When I learned to drive it was in an Austin A40, again with a flat back and easy to park. No doubt BSM will have been tempted by massive discounts from Vauxhall, while Fiat will just have to think of a better choice for their next offering to driving schools. The new Panda perhaps?