Currently reading: Audi's global sales surge by 10.5%
German car brand reports record revenues during 2014, although its profit margins slipped slightly due to heavy investment in new technology

Audi sold 1.74 million cars in 2014, a significant 10.5% leap on its sales total in 2013. The company also hit record revenues of nearly €54 billion (£38.5m), some 7.8 % up on 2013.

The German manufacturer reported its financial performance at its Ingolstadt headquarters today. Profits before tax reached €5.99bn (£4.27m), a rise over 2013 of 2.4%. However, the company’s profit margin slipped slightly from 10.1% to 9.6%.

Sources have told Autocar that huge investments in both the new MLB platform (first appearing under the new Audi Q7) and a new electronics platform have weighed on the profit margins, but that the investment will begin to pay dividends from this year onwards.

Audi has also been making significant investments in new plants, including a new factory in Brazil and a new factory unit at Ingolstadt. This new facility will build the upcoming Audi Q1 SUV from 2016.

Audi board chairman Rupert Stadler said: “We delivered more in 2014 than promised. After a very positive start to this year, we aim to achieve a new record for unit sales in 2015.”

This year, the company will start the next stage of its model initiative with the new Audi Q7, the new Audi R8 and the new Audi A4 family.

Audi’s single biggest-selling model was the Audi Q5 SUV, with 247,446 sold in 2014, up from 235,582 in 2013. The next best seller was the Audi A6 Avant, shifting 241,657 units, up from 230,535 in 2013.

The new Audi A3 saloon turned in a particularly strong performance, shifting 117,282 units compared to 190,922 for the A3 Sportback.

A total of 60,990 Audi Q7 SUVs found homes in 2014 along with 1382 Audi R8 coupés and 832 R8 Spyders. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that the entry-level Audi A1 shifted just 35,216 units in the whole of 2014.

Audi’s Lamborghini division sold 2530 cars, up 19.3% from 2013. The mix was 1128 Aventadors, 1137 Huracáns and 265 Gallardos.

Audi’s Ducati premium motorcycle brand sold 45,117 units, up 1.9% from 2013.

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PoleDancer 12 March 2015

A1 sales much too low

Hi, I think you got the A1 sales numbers wrong - other reports put the sales figure at almost 100k, which is more in line with the previous years' figures.

Also, Audi's own reports put the A1 production at over 110k, and they are unlikely to over-produce by a factor of three

bomb 10 March 2015

I presume they're including

I presume they're including the A6 allroad in with the A6 Avant figures? You can only get the A6 Avant in the US as the allroad, not the regular estate we get here, so I guess that will have helped. Had ours for a few months now and extremely pleased with it.
fadyady 10 March 2015

... you learn something new

Now who would've known that the best selling Audis are Q5 and the A6 estate? While I do see a large number of Audi SUVs it's not easy to tell what segment they're. However I do see an unusually large number of A1s where I live and was inclined to believe that it's Audi's best seller along with the A3.