Currently reading: MIRA boss: UK car industry is ‘up for the fight’ to survive
Horiba Mira managing director Declan Allen says talent is here but investment and collaboration are needed

The managing director of leading R&D firm Horiba MIRA has urged optimism amid a wave of challenges for the UK’s automotive industry, highlighting its “second-to-none” talent pool.

The past year has brought with it a marked rise in cynicism regarding the industry’s prospects, with the protracted collapse of battery start-up Britishvolt and a wave of 1300 job cuts at Ford of Britain both making national headlines.

Britshvolt went into administration owing £160 million to its creditors, having been pledged a £100m grant from the government. It has been widely reported that this grant was never given to Britishvolt because it required the start-up to hit construction milestones that it failed to meet amid its battle to find a financier.

Ford, on the other hand, lost $2.0

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