Currently reading: UK not doing enough to keep 'world class' engineers
Tata Technologies' Warren Harris cites "not well managed" Brexit as cause for workers pull to Europe and USA

The UK isn’t doing enough to keep hold of its “world-class” engineers, who are being poached by overseas firms at the detriment to the country’s fading automotive industry, the global head of Tata Technologies has told Autocar.

Also lamenting the difficulties the “not very well managed” Brexit has played within the sector – which has seen car production fall from near-1.6m in 2016 to 775,000 last year – Warren Harris says that workers are now looking abroad as firms choose to set up shop away from the UK.

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of incentives here compared to what is being offered in other countries.

He said: “When you look at incentives for things, like battery factories and giga factories, [what is being offered in] mainland Europe, and what the US has done with the Inflation Reduction Act, the amount of capital that's being deployed to encourage businesses to invest in other parts of the world far exceeds what the UK has done.”

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