Currently reading: Labour government called on to put automotive at top of to-do list
Keir Starmer previously pledged to bring back 2030 ICE car ban, increase EV chargers, build battery factories

UK car industry bosses have called on new prime minister Sir Keir Starmer to put motoring issues at the top of his to-do list after his Labour Party triumphed with a landslide election victory.

Labour made several automotive pledges as part of its election campaign (see in full below), from promising to reinstate the 2030 ban on the sale of new ICE cars to tackling insurance premiums, introducing a battery health standard for used EVs and aiding the construction of new battery factories.

Starmer also pledged to increase the roll out of EV chargers and mend Britain’s crumbling roads. “Rebuilding Britain means modernising our transport infrastructure,” he wrote in the party’s manifesto. 

Labour’s victory has been applauded by both the BMW Group and Vauxhall owner Stellantis, the UK’s two biggest manufacturers, with major factories in Oxford and Ellesmere Port.

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