Currently reading: Ford and Volvo back European ban on new ICE cars from 2035
Car makers put names to petition for all-EV mandate in 2035 and call for supportive charging regulations

Ford and Volvo are among 27 large companies to put their names to a petition calling on the European Union to ban the sale of new ICE cars and vans from 2035.

Last year, the EU proposed a 100% cut in vehicular CO2 emissions by 2035 across its 27 member states. To support this initiative, the companies have called on the EU to "establish mandatory targets for charging infrastructure" with a view to facilitating the mass switchover to EVs.

It hasn't suggested what these targets should be, but a recent report from accounting giant Ernst and Young suggested that Europe would need 65 million chargers in operation by 2035 to cater to an EV parc of around 130 million. Some 85% of these devices, Ernst and Young said, would need to be installed at homes.

The European Parliament has now voted to approve the ban.

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