Currently reading: Volkswagen Group agrees framework for Porsche flotation
Potential IPO for sports car manufacturer would raise funds for VW Group's electrification plans

The VW Group is pushing ahead with plans to list Porsche on the stock market, with both companies' boards of management agreeing on a framework for the process.

A final decision remains subject to "several different parameters as well as general market conditions", but the parent company said the sports car brand's flotation would be an important factor in the VW Group's transition to "a vertically integrated mobility group and leading provider of software-based and emission-free mobility".

In terms of share division, the listed portion of Porsche AG would be split in two: 50% ordinary shares, with voting rights, and 50% preference shares - which give early access to dividend payouts.

Up to 25% of the preferred shares will be placed on the market as part of the initial IPO process, with Porsche Automobil Holding – owned by the Porsche and Piëch families – would get 25% plus one share of the ordinary shares (for a premium of 7.5%),

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