Currently reading: Why just making batteries is not enough for UK’s car supply chain
Post-Brexit, and in a new EV world, UK plc needs to look at new sources of raw materials

Just as restaurants tout reduced food miles by local sourcing, so the UK car industry is looking for suppliers closer to home as it overhauls its purchasing in the EV era.

Much of that is driven by legislation, specifically Brexit. The deal agreed with the European Union, the UK's biggest market, calls for a gradual decrease in parts sourced from outside the UK or EU from 60% now to 45% by the start of 2027.

Given that the battery in a modern EV might account for half the value of the car, the race is hotting up to find local replacements for a supply base that is currently dominated by Asian producers.

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It becomes even more urgent given that the value of UK-sourced parts for internal-combustion-engine cars is already low, at around 25% of the total.

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