Currently reading: Test drives remain as critical as ever for car buyers and sellers
Makers say introduction of electric cars has brought new motivation to get prospective buyers behind the wheel

Car makers across the UK say test drives “remain as critical as ever”, particularly for new brands establishing themselves and those selling EVs, with which many buyers aren't familiar. 

“The test-drive experience is really important. We want to make the process of buying a car fun again,” said Louise Hardman, head of marketing at Polestar. As a new brand, founded only five years ago, test drives are a key part of its approach - especially in the era of EVs.

“Buying a car is a big commitment, and we recognise the importance of giving people the opportunity to have that first-hand experience, especially if they’re new to electric driving and for us as a new brand,” Hardman added.

Last year alone, Polestar got more than 10,000 potential buyers behind the wheel.

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