Currently reading: Tesla reclaims EV sales crown from BYD despite huge shortfall
Tesla delivered around 63,000 fewer cars than expected last quarter, but still outpaced Chinese rival BYD

Tesla reclaimed its position as the world's best-selling electric car manufacturer last quarter, overtaking Chinese rival BYD despite its number of deliveries falling well short of expectations.

From 1 January to 31 March, the American firm said it produced around 433,000 vehicles and delivered 386,810 - down nearly 40,000 on the same period last year, and some 63,000 units short of what had been expected.

Shares plunged 7% on the announcement of the shortfall, which Tesla attributes to the introduction of the updated Model 3 at its Fremont plant in Texas, shipping diversions caused by the Red Sea conflict and a production stoppage following a power outage at its Berlin factory, which has been claimed as an act of arson by environmental activists. 

A global softening in electric car demand will also have been a factor in Tesla's downturn, despite its efforts to spark uptake by slashing its prices in various markets over the past few months.

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