MG Dynamo conceived to assess demand for a small electric MG
17 April 2014

A new, all-electric MG city car concept has been unveiled. The MG Dynamo concept is part of its display of current and future technology at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

The Dynamo concept is said to encompass “the latest in design and engineering technology”. The car has been developed to assess demand for a small, electric MG in Europe. The concept was created by SAIC’s (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) design and technical centre at Longbridge.

The display has been timed to coincide with the Beijing motor show where the marque is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

An event held at Silverstone in June will form the centrepiece of the firm’s centenary, where it will preview future technology.

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16 April 2014
That's Morris Garages, not the new MG that is not even named after the Morris garages!

17 April 2014
Very nice ... But when can we expect to get a decent MG to drive in this decade??

17 April 2014
What's MG sales like elsewhere in the world? Was stunned to see a 63 plate MG6 the other day, a rare sight indeed but what is a surprise is I haven't seen any MG3's. Would have thought price would be attractive enough to overcome it's other shortcomings - apparently not.

17 April 2014
MG and other Chinese marques seem to be in the same position as Japanese companies in the early 1970's with few, if any, dealers. Apparently there are two in Scotland and when MG sent me an MG3 brochure last week the blurb described the car as "poky" which probably wasn't what they really meant. Perhaps the VVTI engine had "poke" but that's such a strange term they could be excused for the error. No doubt MG will, in time, produce cars that are worth buying but sticking an MG badge on something that doesn't offer particularly good value for money and the prospect of horrific depreciation would discourage even ardent fans of MG.

17 April 2014
Before you slate them, drive one. I love my MG6, best car I have owned and the quality is so much better than the 2009 Fiesta I had before. In the Fiesta, I was always worried the indicator stalk was going to detatch itself it felt that flimsey and brittle. And unlike the Fiesta, the MG6 is so much fun in the twisties. It can also embarass repmobiles at the traffic light grand prix.

The MG3 has been doing pretty well and sales in the first quarter of 2014 have risen over 500%. Not hard to improve on the dire performance beforehand, admittedly, but a step in the right direction. Wait till the SUV is out i 2016, that's when sales will really start to pick up. The next MG6 is out in 2017 and MG have been asking us owners for input :)

"That's Morris Garages, not the new MG that is not even named after the Morris garages!" When Nanjing took over, it is true that they branded MG as 'Modern Gentleman' but now that SAIC and Nanjing have merged, MG showrooms around the globe proudly display 'Morris Garages' next to the MG logo.

And out of all the electric cars, this on looks alone appeals to me more than the others.

17 April 2014
There were meant to be paragraphs in that post!!!!!!!!

17 April 2014
There are plenty of MG cars at Eric Steeds in Sheffield, pitty I have only seen 2 on the road.


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