Currently reading: BBC's 4000-mile electric car trip
Documentary hopes to prove that electric cars are a viable form of transport

The BBC will attempt to cover 4000 miles across Europe in a Think City electric car to investigate the “technology, infrastructure and political will behind the growth of EV culture”.

The documentary, BBC Electric Ride, will be broadcast on Radio 4 from 19 June and will see a team of four start the trip from London this week.

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From London, the team will travel to Denmark via Harwich and then onto Norway, then onto Sweden, Austria, Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal before returning to London in early July.

Richard Canny, Think’s CEO said he wanted the trip to “prove that an EV can be just as versatile as a conventional car, but at the same time much more cost effective, efficient and friendly to the environment”.

The documentary’s senior producer, Ken Dawson, said: “The basic premise of our show is extremely simple – we want to look at the emergence of electric cars as a dawning reality.

“By embarking on an ambitious journey like this one, we will be able to share with our listeners the picture across Western Europe. We’ll be investigating the technology, infrastructure and political will behind the growth of EV culture.”

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tonym911 8 June 2010

Re: BBC's 4000-mile electric car trip

And to think all that came from a story about EVs. I blame the BBC.

kdwilcox 8 June 2010

Re: BBC's 4000-mile electric car trip

Mr Trilby;

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Who knows,we can not see into the future ,one thing is a fact however there are quite

a few mad idiots out there,and it is my opinion that a nuclear defence is needed.

Don't forget Iran will have the bomb soon,who knows what those idiots will do with it.

As for being a superpower,i think its only those fools at Westminster who think that,as for the debts,well,Labour got us into that mess,they have done it before,the mess will be sorted out like it has been done before,we did not get rid of our nuclear defence to sort it out then why should we now.

As for the helicopters and armoured vehicles and don't forget the Royal Navy well another

mess that Labour left behind,as i said,the mess will be sorted out as it has been before

with out getting rid of our defence.

I think Mr Triilby that you and i do not share the same opinion on this,so i think it is time to call an end to it.

It has been good to read your opinion even thought it is not the same as mine.

MrTrilby 8 June 2010

Re: BBC's 4000-mile electric car trip

kdwilcox wrote:

These things always are expensive,also what happens if we need to fire it for the

defence of the country?,and we don't have it,what would you say then

Under what circumstances would we fire a nuclear missile, and at whom would you fire? The Cold War finished a long time ago. If we don't have an expensive nuclear white elephant, I would say that we have a big bundle of cash that could be spent on things that really make a difference, like helicopters and armoured vehicles.

We kid ourselves by thinking we're a superpower, when in reality we're a small country with big debts, located on the edge of Western Europe.