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Rakish three-door caught on camera; due on sale next year

Vauxhall is aiming to pitch is three-door Astra as a sleek coupé to rival the Volkswagen Scirocco, judging from these spy images from Germany.

The images show how the decision to focus on style has allowed designer Mark Adams to give the three-door Astra a much sharper profile. Even under a light disguise, it’s clear that he has used a sharply angled rear side window and thick C-pillar to give a sportier appearance - although the extended roofline and spoiler hint at reasonable rear headroom.

Another undisguised car shows that the ‘blade’ shapes, first seen on the Insignia, have been retained - although their position here is the reverse of the layout on the five-door Astra.

They are joined by a sharp crease that runs from the door handle along the C-pillar to the outside edge of the tail-lights. GM is also planning to offer the five-door’s panoramic windscreen option on the three-door.

The Astra Sport Coupé will be the third variant in the model line-up when it arrives next year; the second model, the Sport Tourer estate, is due to be revealed within the next two weeks.

GM has also started work on a convertible; like the outgoing Astra Twin Top, it’s likely to feature a folding metal roof instead of a hood. But it’s unlikely to make its public debut until late 2011 or 2012.


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evanstim 5 June 2010

Re: Astra Coupe scooped

Pauldalg wrote:

Are we sure it's the new Astra and not just a Seat Leon with the transporter plastic left on? Like others I hope there's a proper coupé to follow.

Not quite on topic, but what a huge retrograde step the new Astra 5 Dr is in my opinion. They are barely noticeable on the road. I was also looking at an Insignia the other day, and while it's not offensive, it just doesn't capture the imagination. When are Opel going to grow some balls and design something interesting. Maybe there a job for the recently retired Bob Lutz to come in and shake things up in Europe for GM?

I know it's each to their own, but..

Wow, I actually think GM Europe's vehicles are amongst the best looking in the crop of current vehicles.

The Insignia especially - I still stop to admire the lines on it when I pass one. The estate especially is just remarkably pretty, in my view. The current 3-door Astra is a still a gorgeous piece of work, and the new one seems set to be as well.

As you say, though, to each his own.

I also like the Megane 3 door (the 5 door is a bit boring) but think the Mazda 3 and 6 are overstyled and too fussy in their details. VW's current design language has resulted in clean and possibly timeless designs, and has certainly created a strong family linkage, but I think they are boring. Ford's current Kinetic design themes are okay, but the details as applied to the Focus in its last facelft make it look unnecessarily fussy. I don't like the look of Mondeo at all, but I actually think the new Ka looks okay.

Toyotas are just ugly and/or boring. The new Avensis? Utter stinker.

I repeat : as you say, to each his own.

FastRenaultFan 5 June 2010

Re: Astra Coupe scooped

Nope I also think the Megane coupe looks great And they are a lot better built now and have a 5 year warrenty as well now so ur wrong they will not give much trouble at all .

artill 5 June 2010

Re: Astra Coupe scooped

Straight Six Man wrote:

simonali wrote:
The TwinTop still looks like a coupe with the roof up, does it not?

No, it just looks like a top-heavy folding hard-top convertible with a massive arse. Awful. Same goes for the current BMW 3 and Renault Megane dropheads.

Staight Six, i have to agree. the previous Astra Coupe looked quite good. The current twin top, as with all the 4 seater folding hard tops looks wrong.