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Whether you’re a company car driver or a fleet manager, Kia Charge is a one-card solution that gives you easy access to over 400,000 UK charging points

As any company car driver or fleet manager knows, keeping track of your driving expenses can be hard work. And that’s just as true of electric cars as it is of petrol or diesel models. But running an electric company car or fleet of EVs has an added challenge – you can’t always guarantee an available home or office charger. Driver confidence in on-the-go top-ups is therefore hugely important.

So, with that in mind, wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple one-size-fits-all contactless card that could give you reliable and cost-effective access to much of the UK and Europe’s electric charging network? Meet the answer to that challenge: Kia Charge.

By combining access to some of the biggest, most dependable, and widespread charging providers in one account, the Kia Charge app and card open up 28,000 charging points across the UK, and almost 400,000 more across 29 European countries.

As payments are all covered through one account, there’s no need to juggle multiple accounts, tariffs, cards or apps from multiple providers. With easy access to more chargers from more providers, you’ll waste less time searching for the right chargers from your provider of choice. You also significantly decrease the likelihood of forking out a pay-as-you-go premium price for an emergency top-up if the only available charger on your journey isn’t covered by any of your accounts.

As a result, Kia Charge makes on-the-go top-ups significantly easier and quicker, while also helping company car drivers and fleet managers keep closer tabs on their EV driving expenses. Let’s explain how it works in more depth.

Find out more about how Kia Charge can help you stay on top of your electric company car charging costs

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Two flexible tariffs: ‘Easy’ or ‘Plus’

Kia Charge offers two flexible tariffs that have been specifically tailored to suit the varying needs of company car drivers. In both cases, you get full transparency and unfettered access to a vast number of public chargers. Simply tap your card, top-up and drive away.

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The ‘Easy’ tariff is perfect for what Kia calls ‘light users’ – electric company car drivers who charge more at home, relying less on the public charging network. Once you’ve paid a one-off £1.99 charge to access the service and obtain your Kia Charge contactless card, you’re good to go. Most charging stations require a £0.49 ‘session fee’ when you plug in, while you’re charged for each kWh of energy you use. There are no recurring monthly subscription fees and no strings attached.

The ‘Plus’ tariff is perfect for electric company car drivers who require more frequent on-the-go top-ups. £2.99 per month is the modest cost and for that, you get the benefit of no up-front charge or session fees, and a 15 per cent discount on kWh consumed within most UK networks.

Kia Charge also offers two optional packages that can be combined with either the Easy or Plus tariff. The Ionity Power subscription costs just £11.25 per month as a one-year bolt-on, and with that, you’ll be able to take advantage of a £0.25 kWh rate in the UK or €0.29 in most European countries. With such competitive kWh rates, you’ll make up the monthly fee in just one charging session per month. Now that’s smart charging.

For those drivers travelling in and out of Europe, they’ll be able to make the most of Ionity’s fast-growing pan-European network of ultra-rapid chargers. You’ll find Ionity stations conveniently placed along most UK and European motorways, delivering up to 350kW – enough to charge the Kia EV6’s 77.4kWh battery from 10-80% capacity in as little as 18 minutes.

Alternatively, opt for the bp pulse subscription and for just £7.85 per month you’ll benefit from reduced kWh prices across bp pulse’s extensive UK network.

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The Kia Charge app: power in your hands

The Kia Charge app makes finding the best and most cost-effective chargers within its expansive network incredibly easy. Using the Trip Planner’s interactive map – which regularly refreshes with live information on charger type, price and availability – you can quickly plan journeys with the fastest or most cost-effective charging options in mind.

Equally, Kia knows that simple organisation of receipts is one of the keys to saving time and money for both company car drivers and fleet managers. That’s why Kia Charge keeps track of all your electric car charging costs – making it incredibly simple to see how much you’re spending as you go, before collating it into one straightforward, easily accessible invoice at the end of the month.

With just a few taps of the app, Kia Charge gives you a complete overview of all your charging events – including usage data and invoices. You can check the date of your sessions, the length of each stay, the kWh charged, and the total cost, because detail makes the difference. As a result, you can think and act smarter about how, when, and where to charge, building a more cost-effective budget that helps you go further for less.

Need to change your package? No problem. Kia Charge lets you switch between the Easy and Plus tariff with only one month’s notice, should your professional or personal charging needs change. It’s also easy to add extra packages such as the Ionity Power and bp pulse subscriptions. Whoever said time saved is money earned clearly had Kia Charge in mind.

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Complete charging convenience across Europe

In addition to easily accessing over 28,000 charging points in the UK, Kia Charge goes one step further – hundreds of thousands of miles further, in fact – with access to a wealth of charging networks across Europe.Whether it’s work that takes you abroad, or a cross-continent adventure with family or friends, Kia Charge gives you equally seamless access to almost 400,000 charging points across 29 European countries. Opt for the Ionity Power add-on, and you get reduced-cost access to Ionity’s 1,876 ultra-rapid chargers across 430 locations. Say hello to fast, reliable, and affordable international travel.

So, whether you’re a Kia fleet manager or a Kia company car driver looking to get the most out of your car, Kia Charge makes on-the-go top-ups and intercontinental EV travel easier, more convenient, and more affordable than ever.

*In order to achieve the maximum charging speed, the Kia EV6 must use an 800-volt electric vehicle charger that delivers at least 250 kW of electricity. Actual charging speed & charging time may be influenced by the battery temperature and exterior weather conditions.

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